Career Opportunities

This graduate certificate is designed to address a recognized need among conservation practitioners and other environmental professionals for graduate-level education focused on communications concepts and practices. Surveys and studies demonstrate significant interests and demand for greater communication and engagement on conservation challenges, yet many practitioners also acknowledge their own reluctance or resistance toward those ends due to a lack of knowledge and skills, past negative interactions, and other barriers.

man at desk in forest

While this graduate certificate does not require any formal internship, we advise that you work within the conservation or communications industries during your studies so that you gain the necessary and valuable experience required in order to be successful. Concurrent work and study is an excellent way to apply what you learn through this program directly to your day-to-day activities, making it all the more valuable and salient.

If you are interested in undertaking an internship, feel free to contact us. Our contacts across communication, conservation and conservation related agencies, firms, and NGOs are varied and extensive. Our faculty have personal industry experience in communications, environmental communications, and environmental education and can aid students who wish to realize their dream of working at the nexus of communication and conservation.