On-site Training

The Center conducts on-site training sessions in a wide range of topic areas for government agencies, NGO staff, University students, community leaders, indigenous people, and others involved in conservation and protected area management. In over 25 training sessions with more than 500 participants, we have covered topics such as visitor management, field measurements inventory, monitoring of impacts, land navigation and patrolling, community outreach, search and rescue techniques, environmental interpretation, and development of trails and other infrastructure.

One of the more renown programs CPAM has created is the Mesoamerican Trail Initiative, started by Director Jim Barborak. In a recent interview with Rainforest Alliance Barborak explained the importance and goals of this program,

     “Mesoamerican Trails is a long-term initiative that aims to gradually expand, improve, and connect trail networks within protected areas and through buffer zones and corridors, in many cases using existing pre-Columbian and colonial era routes as well as abandoned logging roads and railroad rights of way.  The goal is to construct or improve trails that are well built, safe, educational, supported by good basic infrastructure, and well-marked and interpreted, converting them into magnets that attract increased numbers of local and international tourists.”

 For more information about the Mesoamerican Trails Initiative and to read the full article      please visit the Eco-Index.

Please direct training inquiries to Jim Barborak and Ryan Finchum at: protectedareas@colostate.edu