Growth Awaits

The roots of agritourism span across all cultures and are nearly as old as agriculture itself. With harvest festivals, seasonal celebrations, and the knowledge about our heritage that can be shared through hands on learning, it should come as no surprise that the desire to experience food and agriculture first hand not only exists but is thriving in a world where the vast majority of persons are increasingly removed from any connection to the land and its bounty.

The time has never been better for those interested in agritourism to add a new line of income to existing farm and ranch operations, to begin their own unique enterprise, or to find a way return to the family farm or ranch, as agritourism in the US has posted YOY growth every year. At last measurement (2012), direct US based agritourism revenues topped $2 billion dollars.  Beyond farm-based activity, communities and community development practitioners in rural areas can benefit from rethinking how to grow tourism to their areas with a focus on food and agriculture.

With sustained growth and increasing expectations from tourists in the industry, professionals and practitioners are seeking to grow their acumen and expertise. Whether you are an experienced farming professional, burgeoning agritourism entrepreneur, or in an industry support role, Colorado State University’s Online Graduate Certificate in Agritourism Management has experience that runs deep and is positioned to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the agritourism industry.

man and son on horseback in Colorado

U.S. Agriculture Census shows the Agritourism sector continues to grow:

Between 2007 and 2012 agritourism operations grew by 24% ($704 Million).

  • Online learning with Colorado State University Online
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