We at the ELC hope you had a safe and restful Thanksgiving week. This week’s blog post centers around a wonderful local collaborative called Northern Colorado Building Environmental Education Together (NOCO BEET) that has been growing over the last few years.

NOCO BEET is a collaborative of environmental education organizations working together to further the impact and quality of environmental education in Northern Colorado. They work to accomplish this by putting together a monthly newsletter with outdoor activities and compiling information on their website. Explore NOCO BEET’s website here.

NOCO BEET is composed of partner organizations like the ELC, the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas, Gardens on Spring Creek, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Rocky Mountain National Park, and countless others.

Their December newsletter was just released and is all about grab and go activities for families to do together outside. Getting outside together as a family is a great way to strengthen family bonds. These activities range from looking out for birds that stay in Fort Collins year-round to learning about the trees of Northern Colorado. Subscribe to NOCO BEET’s monthly newsletter here.

NOCO BEET is a grassroots partnership that helps organizations like the ELC expand the impact we can make in the Northern Colorado community. The ELC is proud to be part of this great collaborative!