image courtesy of Loveland troupe 76036

Last Saturday was Girl Scout Day out at the ELC! The theme of the day was how to be good stewards to the environment and work on leaving no trace. In the morning we had the Brownies and Daisies working towards receiving their Eco-friend badge with Kaili and Carmen. The girls were taught about the 7 principles of leave no trace, and how to practice fire safety. The morning finished with a nature hike around the ELC, where a great horned owl was spotted!

In the afternoon Emma and Anna were out with the Juniors  who were working towards their Eco-camper badge. The Juniors also learned about the seven leave no trace principles and how to have a minimal impact on the environment while still having fun! Emma and Anna then helped the girls make a safe camp fire and cooked up some banana boats. They finished off the afternoon with a conservation hike while looking at wildlife around the ELC.

Girl Scout Day was a great success! All the troupes left with knowledge of how to be better stewards to the environment, and the teachers had a wonderful time writing and teaching the lesson plans.