Geosciences Online Courses

GEOL 110 Introduction to Geology – Parks and Monuments

3 credits

AUCC Category 3

Dr. Jerry Magloughlin, Dept of Geosciences, CSU

Geology 110 is an introductory physical geology course offered spring, summer, and fall semesters as an 8 week on-line course through CSU Online ( Like Geology 120, a traditional face-to-face, 16 week course, Geology 110 covers all of the usual subjects in an introductory physical geology course, with an emphasis on examples and illustrations drawn from parks and monuments of North America and around the world, shown through photography and videos made expressly for this course.

The course delves into Earth’s physical processes, natural hazards, materials, and natural resources, and the relationship of humans to this planet. Outstanding examples of natural features from national and local parks and monuments, using photos and video.

Course coverage includes origin of the Earth and solar system, scientific thinking, plate tectonics, minerals, rocks, volcanoes, structural geology, earthquakes, geologic time, landslides, rivers & floods, groundwater, glaciers, and natural resources.

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970‐491‐1812 or 970‐290‐6630.

Photos of arches in Utah