Geosciences Seminar Series 2017/2018

Spring Semester 2018

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will start at 12:30 in Natural Resources Rm 320

Thursday, January 18

No Speaker – Faculty meeting

Thursday, January 25

Hydrologic Impacts of Landslide Disturbances: Implications for remobilization and Hazard Persistence.

Ben Mirus, USGS Landslides Hazards Program

Faculty Host: Mike Ronayne

Thursday, February 1

Silicic calderas as regional strain markers in orogenic belts and what they say about metamorphic core complex evolution in the southwestern United States

Charles Ferguson, AZ Geological Survey, University of Arizona

Faculty Host: John Singleton

Thursday, February 8

Hikurangi Ocean Bottom Investigation of Tremor and Slow Slip (HOBITTS): Seafloor Seismic and Geodesy Studies Offshore New Zealand

Anne Sheehan, University of Colorado

Faculty Host: Derek Schutt

Wednesday, February 14 at 4:00 pm

Five things geophysicists should know about the shale plays.

Bruce Hart, Statoil, AAPG-SEG Distinguished Lecturer

Faculty Host: Sven Egenhoff

Thursday, February 15

No Speaker – Faculty meeting

Thursday, February 22

Faculty Slam

Derek Schutt & Jerry Magloughlin, CSU Dept of Geosciences

Thursday, March 1

Unconventional Oil and Gas Development: Implications for Soil and Water Quality

Thomas Borch, CSU

Faculty Host: Mike Ronayne

Thursday, March 8

Near Surface Geophysics from Pole to Equator

John Bradford, Colorado School of Mines

Faculty Host: Rick Aster

Thursday, March 15

No Speaker – Spring Break

Thursday, March 22

No Speaker – Faculty meeting

Thursday, March 29

Relative Influence of Landscape Variables, Discharge, and Forest Management on Sediment Yields in Temperate Mountain Catchments

Sharon Bywater-Reyes, University of Northern Colorado

Faculty Host: Sara Rathburn

Thursday, April 5

Our Changing Cryosphere: Gaining insights into permafrost processes using geophysics

Andrew Parsekian, Univ of Wyoming

Faculty Host: Dan McGrath

Thursday, April 12

Giant Earthquakes and Earth’s Greatest Subduction Zones

Harold Tobin, Univ Wisconsin – Madison

Faculty Host: Rick Aster

Monday, April 16 at 4:00 pm

Alpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role of Groundwater in Sourcing the Headwaters of the World.

Seminar at 4:00pm in WAGAR rm 232.

Masaki Hayashi, University of Calgary

NGWA Darcy Lecture

Faculty Host: Steven Fassnacht

Thursday, April 19

No Speaker – Faculty meeting

Thursday, April 26

Construction of a new restorable crustal-scale cross section across the Rocky Mountains in the I-70 corridor

Jim Granath and Ned Sterne, Consulting Geologists

Faculty Host: Lisa Stright

Thursday, May 3

Grad Student GeoSlam

CSU Geosciences Graduate Students

Grad Student Hosts: Nikki Seymour & Andrew McCarthy