Geosciences Seminar Series 2018/2019

All are Welcome!

Spring Semester 2019

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will start at 12:30 in Michael Smith Natural Resources Bldg. Rm 320

Thursday, January 31

Ken Sims, University of Wyoming

A Tale of Two Pools: The Geohydrobiology of Phase Separation in a Yellowstone Hydrothermal System

Faculty Host: Rick Aster

Tuesday, February 12th*

Yuko Asano, University of Tokyo

Toward Understanding the Hydrology of Mountain Catchments During Large Floods: Quantifying Response Speed of Hillslopes and Channels in Steep Catchments

*Seminar to be held at 1:00pm in room NATRS 345

Faculty Host: Ellen Wohl

Thursday, February 21

Jay Chapman, University of Wyoming

The radiogenic isotopic record of Cordilleran magmatism: implications for orogenic cyclicity

Faculty Host: John Singleton

Thursday, March 7

Scott Shahverdian, Utah State University

Did it Work? Low-tech Stream Restoration at Scales that Matter

Faculty Host: Sara Rathburn

Thursday, March 28

Paul Myrow, Colorado College

Rate of Post-Snowball Earth Sea Level Rise Derived (in part) From Analysis of Bedforms

Faculty Host: Judy Hannah

Thursday, April 11

James Hagadorn, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Surfing Colorado’s newest mass extinction: Insights from ugly rocks

Faculty Host: Sven Egenhoff

Thursday, May 2

Carolyn Crow, CU Boulder

Five Decades of Lunar Sample Science: How the Apollo Missions Continue to Revolutionize our Understanding of the Solar System

Faculty Host: Rick Aster

Friday, May 3rd*

Mark Rowan, Rowan Consulting, Inc.

The role of salt in fold-and-thrust belts

*Seminar to be held at 11:00am in room NATRS 320

Faculty Host: John Singleton

Fall Semester 2018

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will start at 12:30 in Natural Resources Rm 320

Thursday, September 6

Richard Palin, Colorado School of Mines

Uniformitarianism throughout Earth history: the metamorphic perspective

Faculty Host: Jerry Magloughlin

Tuesday, September 25*

David Boutt, University of Massachusetts

GSA Hydrogeology Division Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecture:


*Seminar to be held at 4:00pm in room NATRS 345

Faculty Host: Bill Sanford

Monday, October 1*

John Dilles, Oregon State

SEG Thayer Lindsley Visiting Lecturer: Tops and Bottoms of Porphyry Copper Deposits Revisited: From Source Magmas to the Lithocap Alteration Zones

*Seminar to be held at 3:00pm in room NATRS 345

Faculty Host: Nikki Seymour

Thursday, October 11

Doug Peters, Tuvera Exploration

Use of historical aerial photography for mining and industrial environmental site assessments

Faculty Host: Jerry Magloughlin

Thursday, October 25

Eric Mueller, University of Wyoming

Geomorphic response to controlled floods in the Colorado River basin

Faculty Host: Sara Rathburn

Monday, October 29*

Andreas Ewald, Dept. of Geography and Geology, University of Salzburg, Austria

Rock Slope Instability following Deglaciation – Implications from the Kitzsteinhorn, Austria

*Seminar to be held 12:00-1:00pm in room 345

Faculty Host: Ellen Wohl

Thursday, November 1

Adam Wlostowski, CU Boulder, INSTARR

Storage-discharge relationships across the Critical Zone Observatory Network: Linking catchment function to critical zone architecture

Faculty Host: Ellen Wohl

Thursday, November 8

Robert Anderson, CU Boulder

The debris-covered glacier – rock glacier continuum and its geomorphic consequences

Faculty Host: Dan McGrath

Thursday, November 29

Andres Aslan, Colorado Mesa University

Origin of the Upper Colorado River System

Faculty Host: Andy Darling