FWCB Undergraduate Advising

Declaring Major in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Please attend one of the sessions below before scheduling with an academic advisor, if you are interested in

  • Changing your major to Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
  • Learning more about the Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology major
Dates and Times

Session 1:      Jan 27 (Fri)      10:00-11:00am
Session 2:      Feb 10 (Fri)      10:00-11:00am
Session 3:      Feb 24 (Fri)      10:00-11:00am
Session 4:      Mar 10 (Fri)      10:00-11:00am
Spring Break
Session 5:      Mar 24 (Fri)      10:00-11:00am
Session 6:      Apr 07 (Fri)      10:00-11:00am
Session 7:      Apr 21 (Fri)      10:00-11:00am
Session 8:      May 05 (Fri)      10:00-11:00am


Wagar 114


If you have questions about our change-of-major process, please contact our peer advisors at wcnr_fwcb_peeradvising@Mail.colostate.edu

Declaring Minor in Fisheries Biology or Conservation Biology

Please schedule a meeting with one of our peer advisors below, if you are interested in:

  • Declaring a minor in Fisheries Biology or Conservation Biology
  • Learning more about the Fisheries Biology or the Conservation Biology Minor
Schedule a Meeting with Peer Advisors


LOG INTO YOUR RAMWeb ACCOUNT TO FIND YOUR ADVISOR. If you do not see an advisor assigned in your RAMWeb account, please contact Peer Advisors at:
wcnr_fwcb_peeradvising@Mail.colostate.edu  and they will help connect you to your advisor.


  • Junior and/or senior students who have not declared a concentration need to declare your concentration.  This will help your DARS record to be accurate when planning your career and course path.  Please contact your assigned advisor and they will work with you to submit the appropriate paperwork.
  • For general advising questions all FWCB major and minor students should start with the resources posted in the FWCB Canvas Advising Site (contact our Peer Advisors if you are not connected to this site), ask one of our Peer Advisors through the email listed above, or email your assigned advisor.
Head shot of Ann Randall

Ann Randall (She/Her)

 Phone 970-491-1458    Office 114B Wagar

email: Ann.Randall@colostate.edu  (preferred form of communication)

Cecilia White- adivsor

Cecilia White (She/Her)

 Phone 970-491-4971   Office 114C Wagar

email: Cecilia.White@Colostate.edu (preferred form of communication)

undergraduate advisor shimon

Shimon Watanabe (He/Him)

 Phone 970-491-5945    Office 114A Wagar

email: Shimon.Watanabe@colostate.edu (preferred form of communication)