The Colorado State University Student Sub-Unit of the American Fisheries Society is a nonprofit, student run organization. The mission of the CSU Student Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is to enhance the education and professional development of its members to help them become leading fisheries professionals dedicated to advancing the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems.  Officially, we are a sub-unit of the Colorado Wyoming Chapter and national organization of the American Fisheries Society. Our by-laws can be found HERE.

Join AFS! Our current members are a very social group and represent a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. Only minimal membership dues are required and students are welcome to join at any club event.  Benefits of becoming a member include updates and invites to AFS events, fishing tips, career networking opportunities, presentations from leading fishery industry professionals, and discounted membership in the national chapter of the American Fisheries Society.

Becoming involved with the American Fisheries Society is an excellent opportunity to meet new people with the same interests. AFS members can participate in exciting events including habitat restoration projects, group fishing trips, the annual College Lake fishing derby, snorkeling local river systems, Western Division of the AFS meetings, the Colorado/Wyoming AFS meeting, and community events.

CLUB MEETINGS:  Both undergraduate and graduate students that attend meetings can meet experts in every area of fisheries and aquatic biology, and acquire information about academic and professional opportunities. Meeting Schedule for Spring 2016 can be found HERE.

LIVE AQUARIUM DISPLAYS: CSU AFS manages four live aquarium displays to help raise awareness and improve education about aquatic species and their habitats. The aquariums are located in the Wagar Building at CSU and include a tropic community fish display, a Colorado native fish display, a Colorado native amphibian display, and a Colorado endangered species display. Check out our display education posters and stop by Wagar Building next time you are on campus.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN FLYCASTERS: For students that are particularly interested in flyfishing, feel free to check out Trout Unlimited’s Rocky Mountain Flycasters. RMF holds monthly meetings with fly tying demos and speakers, along with restoration and community outreach opportunities; all in which CSU AFS members are welcome to attend. For more information check out their website.


Giulio Del Piccolo, President
I am from Basalt, Colorado. I have always enjoyed outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, hiking and mountain climbing. I am currently a senior in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology. I am very passionate about conserving aquatic resources. I spent last summer as a Fish Technician on the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska. After graduation, I plan to continue working in fisheries. Specifically, I hope to work with anadromous fishes in the Pacific Northwest.





Cody Tyler, Vice President
My hometown is Durango Colorado and I grew up in Colorado Springs before coming to CSU in 2011. Currently I am a 5-year senior undergraduate student in the FWCB department with a concentration in fisheries science and a minor in watershed science. One of my main passions in life has always been fishing, which has lead me to this career path and many other outdoor recreational activities which I enjoy doing. For AFS I have been an active member for three years now and I really enjoy all of the opportunities that AFS has to offer in education and experience. For past fishery work experience I’ve volunteered for the CPW’s lake research unit for two and a half years, worked as an intern for the Pueblo Fish Hatchery, and worked as a fishery technician for the Larval Fish Laboratory. I have a passion for wildlife research and I hope to continue with it as I move further into this career path.




Ben Kinne, Secretary
I was born and raised in Carlsbad, California and as soon as I graduated high school I moved to attend Colorado State University in 2012. I am currently a fifth year student studying fish, wildlife, and conservation biology with a concentration in fisheries and aquatic sciences. My passion is looking at anthropogenic effects on fish and river ecosystems primarily looking at aquatic insects. Previous work experience has been looking at different algal communities across the Front Range, ecotoxicology work with aquatic insects and fish, and looking at different effects of human stressors across streams in the Front Range. Being in Colorado has shown me to love and care for many outdoor activities which are fly fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and mountain biking. If you can’t find me in a stream then you will find me either riding my fat bike or camped out in the middle of the mountains.






Katie Rohwer, Treasurer
Growing up in Colorado is a fantastic thing, I spent most of my child hood running around the Rocky Mountains hiking and fishing.  I am working towards completing my B.S. in Fisheries and Aquatic Science and have been an active member of AFS since 2014. I am always amazed at the opportunities that are available for hard working students.  Thus far I have been a laboratory assistant in the Fisheries Ecology Lab, a field technician with the Colorado Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and completed an internship with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  My next step will be to start a master’s degree program and eventually work as an aquatic biologist.







Tyler Swarr, Aquarium Curator
Growing up in Colorado I spent a lot of time playing in streams, going fishing, and always had a home aquarium. I originally started college studying Environmental engineering, but switched to fisheries because I enjoy hands on learning and being outdoors. I earned my B.S in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences and minor in German in 2013. I have been an active member of AFS since spring of 2009 and have held every officer position except for treasurer. During my undergrad I worked out at the Foothills Fish lab as a research assistant and became interested in doing work on fish conservation. After graduation I worked for a summer for the Larval Fish Lab doing native fish conservation and non-native fish removal. Currently I am working with Dr. Chris Myrick on my master’s degree focusing on improving the design of fishways for fishes that are native to the Great Plains.




Griffin Pinkus, Assistant Aquarium Curator
I am from Northeast Ohio and have lived in Myrtle Beach for a short time.  Since I was young I was always fascinated with water and aquatic life. Whether I was at Lake Erie, the ocean, or at my cabin playing in the creek or Allegheny River I was always on the hunt for aquatic life.  I was in 4th grade when I decided I wanted to work with fish and have been working towards that ever since.  CSU is my third (and final) college and I am working on a degree in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology concentrating in Fisheries and Conservation Bio while also minoring in Spanish. I have not had any legitimate work experience in fisheries due to my transferring of colleges and changing majors. I am new to CSU and the state of Colorado, but so far through my experiences I can tell that CSU and this beautiful state will help me attain my goal/passion of working with fish and other aquatic life





Kalli Jimmie, Assistant Aquarium Curator
I was born in Florida, and moved to Colorado when I was 7. While living in Florida I would go lobstering with my dad. This is where my fascination with aquatic organisms started. After moving here my love for aquatics grew when I participated in an internship at the Denver Aquarium in 2012. When I transferred from Front Range Community College I knew I had to find a major that involved fish. I am currently in my last semester and will be graduating with a B.S. in Fish and Wildlife Conservation Biology with a concentration in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. I have had experience volunteering in the Ecotoxicology lab and a summer technician job working for the Colorado Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. I currently have started an independent study with Dana Winkelman in the Cooperative Unit, and hope to attend graduate school in the future.




Colton Schaeffer, Student Liason
I grew up on a ranch in Southwestern North Dakota, and graduated from Trinity High school in this area in 2011. I enlisted in the Army National Guard in 2011 when I was 19, and after going to Basic and AIT training, deployed to Afghanistan from 2012 to 2013 as a Combat Engineer. When I made it back home, I soon started making plans to go to Colorado State University. I started attending CSU in the Fall of 2013 as a Wildlife Biology major, switched the next semester to Fisheries Biology, and eventually switched to Natural Resources Management with Fisheries Biology and Conservation Biology minors. I am planning on graduating with an undergrad in the Fall of 2017. My passion for fish and angling has always been a big part of my life. I would fish whenever given the chance when I was growing up in North Dakota, whether it be walleye and northern pike fishing in lakes and rivers in the summer, or ice fishing for perch in the winter, I always looked forward to getting the opportunity to go fishing. I would usually keep an aquarium with goldfish or whatever I could get at the house as a kid and be amused by them too. One of the best long term career and short term job/educational fisheries opportunities I took ahold of as soon as I could when I was a freshman, was the American Fisheries Society club. This allowed me to participate in the College Lake Fishing Derbies, learn valuable fisheries biology aspects and skills, and also network with knowledgeable and experienced people who work in the fisheries field and other critical natural resources fields. I had the great opportunity to network with people in AFS at the time to get a job as a research technician with the Colorado Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, helping Fisheries Biology graduate students at CSU complete their research. I worked two summers with the Cooperative Unit, working around Fort Collins, Loveland, and Longmont rivers, along with the Red Feather Lakes and other areas of Colorado. I have now been an active member of AFS for over 3 years, and am currently the student liaison for the AFS club. I hope to continue my education and training in natural resources and fisheries management and research, and maintain the great fishing opportunities in Colorado and elsewhere.



Dr. Chris Myrick, Faculty Advisor
Entering the field of fisheries biology allowed me to parlay my enthusiasm for fish and fishing into a professional career.  I received my B.S. (1992) in Resource Management with a Fisheries emphasis from U.C. Berkeley, and my M.S. (1996) and Ph.D. (1998) in Ecology with an emphasis in fish physiological ecology from U.C. Davis.  I have been on the faculty at CSU since 2000, and have developed a highly-applied research program that focuses on fish passage and barrier design, aquaculture, the management of invasive aquatic species, and finding novel ways to improve undergraduate exposure to fisheries research.  While I thoroughly enjoy research, my passion for teaching and mentoring the next generation of fisheries biologists is second only to my passion for fishing, so working with the students in the CSU AFS Student Subunit since 2000 has been both enjoyable and rewarding.

Spring 2017 Semester

January 26th: Rick Henderson, U.S. Forest Service and Colorado-Wyoming AFS Chapter President
February 9th: TBA
March 9th: TBA
March 23rd: TBA
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kid_pic_fall_derby_14fish.jpgEach year the CSU Student Chapter of AFS puts on a fishing derby at College Lake, hosting anglers from around the region for some of the best bass and pike fishing in Northern Colorado. Ticketed participants are allowed access to an otherwise restricted lake for this one-day event. Prizes are awarded for the largest bass, largest pike, most fish caught, most inches caught, largest pike on a fly rod, and smallest fish caught.

This year is the 31st Evan Lefort Memorial Fishing Derby! The derby will be held on April 23rd.

Derby tickets go on sale April 16th at 1pm. Limit 1 ticket per person.

Click HERE for the flyer.

Stay tuned for more details here and on our Facebook page!!!

For more information, contact AFSCSU[at]