Smoke Impact Potential (SM)

STARFire’s Smoke Impact Potential analysis provides the ability to generate a smoke impact map that combines information on the potential to produce smoke emissions and the estimated impact of those smoke emissions. The STARFire smoke analysis complements STARFire’s Wildfire Analysis by allowing fire managers and planners quick access to potential smoke impacts for any wildfire. The smoke analysis also provides a strategic level view of which areas on the landscape are likely to generate important emission concerns. This information can assist in selecting areas to apply fuel treatments to reduce emissions in critical areas and can also be used to communicate potential smoke concerns to cooperators and the public.

Starfire Smoke impact Analysis map
STARFire's smoke impact potential analysis for Grand Canyon National Park

The SM is generated by supplying a smoke zone map with a corresponding smoke impact factors to the analysis. An emission potential map is generated through PM10 simulations (external to STARFire).  The resulting total smoke impact map is the product of the emission potential and smoke impact zone multipliers. In the figure, dark red indicates a high smoke concern and light yellow indicates a low smoke concern.