Fuel Treatment Optimization and Prioritization (FT)

Limited fuel treatment funding requires managers and planners to select fuel treatment locations that generate the most net benefit. STARFire’s Fuel Treatment analysis (fuel treatment optimization) identifies the best locations to reduce hazardous fuels and improve ecosystem values. The prioritization component accommodates varying acreage scenarios as the treatment program expands or contracts with funding changes.

In the image to the right, the FT optimizer has identified the best locations for hazard fuel reduction and ecosystem benefit based on STARFire’s core of integrated valuations and burn probabilities. Dark pink identifies locations as higher priority for consideration than areas with light pink.These strategic locations can be considered by the planner or manager and used as input into other programs that recommend treatment size, shape or method.

The impact of changes in fuel treatment budgets can be demonstrated by increasing the acreage and generating a suite of treatment recommendations that correspond to increased treatment budgets.

Starfire fuel treatment map
STARFire's recommended locations for a 17080 acre fuel treatment at Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
Starfire fuel treatment comparison maps
Comparison of STARFire's recommended fuel treatment locations for varying budgets at Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks