STARFire is a spatial fire planning system that enables planners and managers to evaluate the risks of wildland fire while restoring and maintaining resilient landscapes in a single integrated system. STARFire was created in cooperation with the USDOI’s, NPS and FWS. STARFire uses the core philosophy that fire-affected values and burning potential matter throughout fire planning. With this philosophy, STARFire generates a suite of analytic products for planners and managers. STARFire’s ability to evaluate planning alternatives is a unique feature that takes the analysis beyond previous technology.  STARFire can be used to demonstrate the value of fire management programs, including fuel treatments.

Wildland firefighters working with a map

STARFire’s core of integrated valuations and burn probabilities infuse the fire program components with consistency and efficiency.  With one system and one input set, the manager/planner is empowered to:

  • Assess the relative value of fire planning alternatives including the value of alternative fuel treatment programs. Fuel treatment strategies can be input by the planner or the planner can use STARFire’s functionality to generate a fuel treatment strategy. This potentially powerful analysis demonstrates the value of the program and can be used for communication and acquisition of additional financial support.
  • Identify fuel treatment locations across the landscape.  Fuel treatments are located by STARFire to reduce hazardous fuels and to restore ecosystem values. Let STARFire find the locations, or input your own program.
  • STARFire will estimate the risk and benefit of wildfire at every location on the landscape. This pre-processed “ready” analysis will not burden the system during a critical event and provides an effective complement to WFDSS.
  • Estimate the impact of smoke emissions from any location on the landscape.  Smoke is often the major constraint on fuel treatments and STARFire provides the planner and public with clear information of the likely impact of emissions originating from any location. (smoke requires an additional input data layer)

These results are generated from the core set of values and burn probabilities making them efficient, complementary, and consistent. Fire planners burdened by multiple systems, operating at different levels for different purposes will appreciate the integrated STARFire system.