The Western Forest Fire Research Center (WESTFIRE) is based at Colorado State University. The center promotes interdisciplinary solutions to Colorado’s and the Nation’s most pressing fire management problems. We seek and promote scientifically vetted solutions to fuels management, ecosystem restoration, suppression and rehabilitation.

What’s New?

Kristen Pelz, PH.D. student in the Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship has been researching the mountain pine beetle and its relationship to severe fire behavior in lodgepole pine. She and Skip Smith have summarized their findings in the following article: Thirty year change in lodgepole and lodgepole/mixed conifer forest structure following 1980s mountain pine beetle outbreak in western Colorado, USA.

High Park Fire:

Doug Rideout and Chad Hoffman speak with Tom Bearden from PBS NEWSHOUR

Doug Rideout speaks with Kirk Siegler from KUNC

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