Watershed Science Ph.D. Curriculum

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Watershed Science trains students in the interdisciplinary study of the physical, chemical, biological, and social factors that affect the quantity, quality, and flux of water. Our program provides students with the training to study watershed function and address watershed problems.

A minimum of 72 credits are required to complete this program.

Required Foundation Courses:
GRAD 544Ethical Conduct of Research1
WR 692Seminar1
Discussion Courses -- choose 3 credits from the following:
WR 574Advanced Snow Hydrology3
WR 616Hillslope Hydrology and Runoff Processes3
Quantitative Courses -- choose at least 3 credits from the following:
NR 512Spatial Statistical Modeling-Natural Resources3
NR/STAT 523Quantitative Spatial Analysis3
STAT 511ADesign and Data Analysis for Researchers I: R Software4
STAT 511BDesign and Data Analysis for Researchers I: SAS Software4
STAT 512Design and Data Analysis for Researchers II4
WR 674Data Issues in Hydrology3
Skill Courses -- choose at least 3 credits from the following:
GEOL 551Groundwater Modeling3
NR/GR 503Remote Sensing and Image Analysis4
NR 505Concepts in GIS4
WR 417Watershed Measurements3
WR 419Water Quality Lab for Wildland Managers2
WR/CIVE 524Modeling Watershed Hydrology3
WR 575Snow Hydrology Field Methods1
Depth and Breadth Courses -- choose at least 6 credits from the following:
AREC 542Applied Advanced Water Resource Economics3
CIVE 413Environmental River Mechanics3
CIVE 520Physical Hydrology3
CIVE 544Water Resources Planning and Management3
CIVE 613River Restoration Design3
CIVE 622Risk Analysis of Water/Environmental Systems3
CIVE 625Quantitative Eco-Hydrology3
CIVE 626Integrated Analysis of Coupled Water Issues3
ESS 501Principles of Ecosystem Sustainability3
ESS/ATS 543Current Topics in Climate Change2
ESS 660Biogeochemical Cycling in Ecosystems3
GEOL 452Hydrogeology4
GEOL 552Advanced Topics in Hydrogeology2-3
GEOL 652Fluvial Geomorphology3
NR 510Ecosystem Services: Theory and Practice3
NR 577Wetland Ecology and Restoration3
SOC 461Water, Society, and Environment3
SOC 664Sociology of Water Resources3
SOCR 522Micrometeorology3
SOCR 540Soil-Plant-Nutrient Relationships3
SOCR 670Terrestrial Ecosystems Isotope Ecology3
WR 416Land Use Hydrology3
WR 418Land Use and Water Quality3
WR 510Watershed Management in Developing Countries2
WR 511Water Resource Development3
WR 512Water Law for Non-Lawyers3
Research and Dissertation
WR 798Research1-6
WR 799Dissertation1-6
Additional Credits (a maximum of 30 credits may be accepted from a master's degree)52