ESS Graduate Degrees

The Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability is one of five academic departments in Colorado State University’s Warner College of Natural Resources , the most comprehensive natural resources college in the nation. The Department brings together top faculty leading global research in ecosystem science and sustainability and watershed science. Students engage in field work, laboratory training, and technical instruction to examine and explore the sustainability of local, regional and global resources.  CSU’s campus is located along the Front Range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, providing students with unique access to a wide variety of ecosystems, such as alpine, subalpine, montane, foothills and shortgrass steppe, that serve as living classrooms for hands-on learning.

Graduates have a strong record of employment and acceptance to leading Ph.D. programs after graduation, with graduates holding positions in federal, state, and local natural resource agencies, consulting firms, nongovernmental organizations, industry, teaching, and research.

Master of Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting

The Master of Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting (MGMA) degree is a Plan C (professional / no thesis) degree that provides students with knowledge and experience necessary to launch successful careers and contribute to tackling the challenges of greenhouse gas quantification and mitigation. The program leverages world-leading greenhouse gas and climate change expertise from across CSU and enables students from a wide variety of majors and backgrounds to develop the skills needed for emerging professions in greenhouse gas management and accounting.  READ MORE

Master of Science, Watershed Science

Watershed science is the interdisciplinary study of the physical, chemical, and biological factors that affect the quantity, quality, and flux of water. Such hydrologic changes have important implications for other natural resources that depend on water. The Watershed Science MS program is internationally renowned, and the completion of a graduate degree is excellent preparation for a career in governmental agencies, private industry, teaching, or research. The strong placement record and extensive alumni network attest to the quality and relevance of the graduate program. Employment opportunities at all levels are excellent and diverse.  READ MORE

Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, Watershed Science specialization

A Ph.D. program in Earth Sciences with a Watershed Science specialization is offered through the Department of Geosciences. Student applications will be formally handled there, and admitted students will be officially enrolled in that department.  Faculty members from the Department of Ecosystem Science & Sustainability and the Department of Geosciences will advise students in the Watershed Science specialization. Prospective Ph.D. students should visit the departmental websites to identify likely advisors and contact them directly for further information about Ph.D. opportunities.

Master’s in Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting
Sequential Degree Program (4+1)

The MGMA Sequential Degree Program allows undergraduates in certain CSU Bachelor’s degree programs to begin studies in the MGMA program while they are still undergraduates, for a 4+1 Bachelors plus Masters degree track. READ MORE