Professional Science Internships

Students in the Professional Science Master’s degree program acquire the knowledge and skills that will prepare them to succeed with diverse organizations committed to sustainability managing our natural resources. These include businesses, municipalities, and state and national governments, as well as the consulting firms and non-governmental organizations that support them.

United Nations Framework on Climate Change

Bonn, Germany

UNFCCC is the convention formed in 1992 through the United Nations to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. The secretariat for the convention is located in Bonn, Germany and facilitates implementation of frameworks for climate actions that are developed through international negotiations by the 197 member countries, such as the Paris Agreement.

American Carbon Registry

Arlington, Virginia

The ACR is a non-profit organization that is focused on voluntary greenhouse gas emission reductions. This organization strives to create high standards and confidence in the voluntary emission reductions with goal of advancing efforts to reduce the anthropogenic impact on the climate system. ACR is an enterprise of Winrock International.

American Carbon Registry Logo

Field to Market

Washington, DC

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture is a diverse collaboration working to create opportunities across the agricultural supply chain for continuous improvements in productivity, environmental quality, and human well-being.  Their work is grounded in science-based tools and resources, unparalleled, system-wide collaboration and increased supply-chain transparency.

Field to Market logo

Ducks Unlimited

Fort Collins, CO

Ducks Unlimited is the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.  DU got its start in 1937 during the Dust Bowl when North America’s drought-plagued waterfowl populations had plunged to unprecedented lows.  Determined not to sit idly by as the continent’s waterfowl dwindled beyond recovery, a small group of sportsmen joined together to form an organization that became known as Ducks Unlimited.

Ducks Unlimited logo

Brendle Group

Fort Collins, CO

Brendle Group is an engineering and planning firm focused on helping clients solve complex problems while creating lasting impact for sustainability.  They approach global challenges head-on by bringing innovative sustainability solutions to their client’s bottom line goals.

Brendle Group logo

Viresco Solutions

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Viresco Solutions, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm that helps their clients strategically navigate the complex and evolving world of sustainability.  They are leading experts in developing science-based metrics and solutions that enhance their clients’ social license to operate.  They focus their work at the intersection of agriculture, waste, bioenergy, greenhouse gases, and sustainable supply chains.  They are passionate about what they do, and are committed in making transformational change happen by pushing the boundaries of the status quo.

Viresco Solutions logo

CSU’s Center for the New Energy Economy

Fort Collins, CO

The Center for the New Energy Economy provides policy makers including governors, legislators, regulators, and other decision makers with a roadmap that will accelerate the nationwide development of the new energy economy.  That economy will create and keep jobs in the United States; encourage development and use of clean and affordable domestic energy; protect our environment and climate; and keep America on the leading edge of global competition.

CSU Center for the New Energy Economy logo

PSM graduates work in professional positions that require knowledge of sustainability and natural resources, as well as technical skills within the fields of carbon management, water resources, and sustainable food systems. Career tracks might include field work, modeling and synthesis work, policy analysis, stakeholder engagement, cost-benefit analysis, and project development, management, and implementation.

  • Climate Research Assistant
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
  • Energy Efficiency Associate
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Section Manager
  • Greenhouse Gas Specialist