Department: Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

The Department is dedicated to the education and involvement of diverse publics in natural resource decisions. HDNR has more than 90 years of collaborative research in parks and protected areas and contributes to informed decision making while conveying a broad based understanding of the way humans value, use and depend on the natural environment.

Study dissects challenges of women in conservation

As climate change and other environmental issues become necessary to talk about, two members of the Colorado State University community have put together a study to recruit more diverse backgrounds in conservation leadership.

New CSU Club: Rams for the Boundary Waters

Maddie Fahline, a HDNR Global Tourism student, has started a new club, Rams for the Boundary Waters. They are a wilderness advocacy club at CSU...

2019 HDNR Award Winners

College Level Awards Paul Layden Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year – CSU Career Services Paul Layden is an instructor within the Human Dimensions of…

Open Academic Advising Office Hours!

Jacqie invites you to come visit her open office hours on Wednesdays at 3:30 to 4:30. These office hours are for anything you need to talk about and they allow for more accessibility to her and have more flexibility for your schedules! We’re here for you.

picture of Jacqie Hasan

HDNR Monthly Scholarship Reports

Each month HDNR publishes a scholarship report highlighting recent publications and awarded grants. We are incredibly proud of the work done by our faculty and researches to advance science in the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources field.

aerial view of a city laid out in grid pattern highlighting human impacts

Hiring Announcement: Assistant Professor in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

The Department of Human Dimensions is accepting applications for assistant professor starting 8/16/2019. This tenure-track position is focused on research and teaching on the diverse cultures, knowledge systems, lived experiences, perspectives, interests, and/or histories of groups that have been historically underrepresented in natural resource conservation in the western United States.

Group of diverse persons with their hands united in the center of the group

In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus William “Dwain” Miller

Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Professor Emeritus William Dwain Miller was born on April 21, 1929 and passed away on October 27, 2018, surrounded by those he loved.  He left a lasting mark on the department, the CSU community, and throughout Colorado through his commitment to responsible outdoor recreation and preservation of natural and open spaces. 

William Dwain Miller