Department Directory

Adam Adam

MS Program, Geochemistry - Sally Sutton, Advisor

Rick Aster

Professor and Department Head

I am a geophysicist with interests in seismic imaging and source studies applied to diverse Earth processes that encompass deep structure, earthquakes, volcanos, and glaciers.

Michael Baker

PhD Program, Seismology - Rick Aster, Advisor

Sean Bryan

Senior Instructor

I am a geoscientist interested in the lessons of Earth’s past about climate change, ocean circulation, and carbon cycling. I am also interested in advancing geoscience education and literacy.

Kristen Cognac

MS Program, Hydrogeology/Hydrogeophysics - Mike Ronayne, Advisor

Hank Cole

Graduate Assistant

Andy Darling

Research Scientist/Instructor

Amanda Doherty

MS Program, Geochemical Modeling - Sally Sutton, Advisor

David Dust

Research Assistant/Program Aide

Sven Egenhoff


I am a sedimentary geologist focusing on process geology in shales and carbonates. I apply the depositional and diagenetic models me and my students generate to characterize hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Johanna Eidmann

MS Program, Geomorphology - Sara Rathburn, Advisor

Eric Erslev

Professor Emeritus

I am a structural geologist with interests in Laramide tectonics, fault-related folding, fabric analysis and Rocky Mountain geology in general.

Frank Ethridge

Professor Emeritus

My geology interests include fluvial sedimentology, stratigraphy, petroleum geology, basin analysis. After retiring from full-time teaching, I became a part time instructor in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CSU.

Eric Fetherman

Ph.D. Candidate - Fish, Wildife, and Conservation Biology

Marissa Fichera

MS Program, Hydrogeology - Bill Sanford, Advisor

Sean Gallen

Assistant Professor

I am an Earth Scientist interested in geomorphology, active tectonics, landscape evolution, and critical zone science. My research is multidisciplinary and involves fieldwork, geochronology, GIS, numerical modeling, and laboratory and data analysis.

Tyler Gilkerson

MS Program, Hydrogeology - Bill Sanford, Advisor

John Graham

Research Associate IV

Tonia Hack

MS Program, Hydrogeology - Bill Sanford, Advisor

Judith Hannah


As a geologist/isotope geochemist with the AIRIE Program, my interests span petroleum and mineral resources and paleoclimatology. I also manage CSU’s collaborative National Park Service Geologic Resources Inventory group.

Dennis Harry


I am a geophysicist focusing on geodynamic studies of continental rift systems and rifted continental margins.

Douglas Hultstrand

PhD Program, Snow Hydrology - Steven Fassnacht, Advisor

Mr. Hultstrand has a passion for scale and spatial variability in precipitation processes as related to hydrology and hydrometeorology. His research and expertise are in modeling the spatial variability in snowpack processes and rainfall as function of terrain parameters and atmospheric energy to better understand and model hydrologic regimes. Physical Science Techniques • Water Balance • Discharge Measurements • Meteorological Measurement & Analysis • Spatial Modeling • Water Quality Sampling • Snow Survey and Sampling Methods • Data Analysis • Watershed Modeling • Snow & Ground Energy Balance Computations • Storm Analysis • Dew Point Analysis • Areal Reduction Factor (ARF) Calculations • Error Analysis/QC • Eddy Covariance • Snowmelt & Snowpack Sublimation Analysis • Proposal Writing • Regional L-moments • Turbulent Flux Modeling (Latent and Sensible) • PMP Analysis • Develop Scripts/Code • Regional Climate Modeling and Data Analysis Computer Software • ArcView • ArcGIS • ArcInfo • MATLAB • MS Word • MS Excel • MS Access • MS Power Point • SPLUS/R • IDL • HEC-HMS • Lecia Software • PRMS • GIS Weasel • ERDAS • Solar Analyst • GRASS GIS • Linux/Unix • HTML • RAOB • Perl • GrADS • IPW Toporad • DNR Garmin • Python • GPS Interface • WATFLOOD • AWK/GWAK • Hysplit • NetCDF • GRIB • UEB Snow Model Computer Programming • PERL • R/SPLUS • Python • IDL • Matlab • GRASS GIS • AWK • Shell Scripts Computer Operating Systems • Linux/Unix • Microsoft Windows • Macintosh

Sumant Jha

PhD Program, Geodynamics/Tectonics - Dennis Harry, Advisor

Mu Ji

MS Program, Environmental Geochemistry - John Ridley, Advisor

Heather Judd

MS Program, Sedimentology - Lisa Stright, Advisor

Adrian Kahn

MS Program, Structural Geology - Jerry Magloughlin, Advisor

Ronald Karpilo Jr

Research Associate II, National Park Service Cooperator

Adi Khare

MS Program, Seismology/Geophysics - Derek Schutt, Advisor

DeAnna Laurel

PhD Program, Geomorphology - Ellen Wohl, Advisor

Jerry Magloughlin

Associate Professor

I am a structural geologist/hard rock petrologist, with interests in faults, shear zones, fault rocks, the geochemical and isotopic aspects of deformation, metamorphic and igneous petrology, and geoeducation including geophotography.

Lameck Maninji


Ore Deposit Studies and Geochemistry

Skyler Mavor

Graduate Research Assistant

Structural geology and geologic mapping.

Andrew McCarthy

MS Program, Reservoir Characterization - Lisa Stright, Advisor

Daniel McGrath

Assistant Professor

I am a geoscientist who utilizes novel in situ geophysical and remote sensing tools to study earth surface processes, particularly related to the cryosphere. My research has involved more than 15 expeditions to Antarctica, Greenland, Alaska and Patagonia.

Nicole McMahon

PhD Program, Seismology - Rick Aster, Advisor

Aleks Novak

PhD Program, Sedimentology/Stratigraphy - Sven Egenhoff, Advisor

Stephanie O'Meara

Senior Research Associate, National Park Service

Annette Patton

MS Program, Geomorphology - Sara Rathburn, Advisor

Jill Putman

College Coordinator for Student Success

Alexandra Racosky

MS Program, Economic Geology - John Ridley, Advisor

Sara Rathburn

Associate Professor

I am a fluvial geomorphologist with interests in drainage basin response and recovery to sediment disturbances including floods, fires and mass movements, the influences of climate change, and process-based channel restoration and monitoring.

John Ridley

Associate Professor

I study economic geology building on a background in petrology, structural geology, field geology, inorganic and organic geochemistry. My current research projects examine fluid:ore interactions from magmas to environmental impacts.

Michael Ronayne

Associate Professor

I am a hydrogeologist researching flow and transport through heterogeneous aquifers and connected groundwater-surface water systems. I develop groundwater management models to inform the sustainable use of water resources.

Rachel Ruthven

MS Program, Structural Geology -John Singleton, Advisor

Kivanc Sabunis

PhD Program, Applied Geophysics - Derek Schutt, Advisor

William Sanford

Associate Professor

I am a hydrogeologist interested in developing nanoparticles as groundwater tracers, Isotope and tracer hydrogeology, groundwater recharge, groundwater/surface water interactions, flow and transport in fractured media and hydrogeophysics.

Derek Schutt

Associate Professor

I am a seismologist and geophysicist interested in understanding deep Earth structures and their effects on past and present tectonics and landscapes.

Dan Scott

PhD Program, Geomorphology - Ellen Wohl, Advisor

Nikki Seymour

PhD Program, Structural Geology - John Singleton, Advisor

PhD Student in Structural Geology

John Singleton

Assistant Professor

structural geology, geologic mapping, tectonics of the North American Cordillera

Holly Stein

Director, AIRIE Program, Senior Research Scientist & Professor

I am founding director of the externally-funded AIRIE Program, a geologist and isotope geochemist, who applies Re-Os to mineral and hydrocarbon resources, and climate perturbations in Earth’s history.

Evan Strickland

MS Program, Structural Geology - John Singleton, Advisor

Lisa Stright

Assistant Professor

I am a geoscientist and petroleum engineer interested in applied reservoir modeling, using outcrops as quantitative subsurface analogs, and creating methodologies to build more predictive sedimentological and reservoir/flow models.

Matt Sturdivant

PhD Program, Hydrogeophysics - Dennis Harry, Advisor

Sally Sutton

Associate Professor

I am a geologist with research interests that include Sedimentary petrology and geochemistry, shale geology, fluid/rock interaction, chemical weathering, clastic diagenesis.

Trista Thornberry-Ehrlich

Research Associate III, National Park Service Cooperator

Providing natural resource management support to National Park Service units across the country

Codie Wilson

PhD Program, Watershed Science - Stephanie Kampf, Advisor

Derek Witt

MS Program, Seismology - Derek Schutt, Advisor

Ellen Wohl


I am a fluvial geomorphologist studying a broad range of topics within the field of geomorphology such as fluvial and hillslope geomorphology, paleohydrology and channel change.

Gang Yang

Research Associate III

Re-Os Geochronology, Geochemistry

Aaron Zimmerman

Research Associate II, AIRIE