Department Directory


Kevin Bestgen

Senior Research Scientist, Joint Faculty Appointment-Assistant Professor, Director Larval Fish Lab

Carroll Bjork

Illustrator I - Larval Fish Lab

Gail Dethloff

Joint Faculty Appointment-Assistant Professor, MFWCB Coordinator/Adviser

Adam Dillon

PhD Candidate - GDPE - Dr. Kevin Crooks' Lab

Erica Fleishman

Senior Research Scientist

Ecology and conservation biology

John Hawkins

Senior Research Associate - Larval Fish Lab

Matt Haworth

Research Assistant II - Larval Fish Lab

Jacob Job

Research Associate II

Ed Kluender

Research Associate - Larval Fish Lab

Theresa Laverty

PostDoctoral Fellow - Dr. Kathryn Stoner Lab

Bill Pate

Research Associate-CSU Fisheries Ecology Lab

David Pavlacky

Online Plan C Instructor

Ann Randall

Assistant Professor/Undergraduate Advisor

Conservation Education, Animal Behavior and Ecology. Not taking graduate students.

Sarah Reed

Affiliate Faculty, Graduate Co-Adviser, Instructor

Angela Rex

Research Associate II

Kim Samsel

Admin Assistant III

Darrel Snyder

Resch Sci/Scholar II - Larval Fish Lab

Cameron Walford

Research Associate III - Larval Fish Lab