Department Directory


Kevin Bestgen

Senior Research Scientist, Joint Faculty Appointment-Assistant Professor, Director Larval Fish Lab

Carroll Bjork

Illustrator I - Larval Fish Lab

Gail Dethloff

Joint Faculty Appointment-Assistant Professor, MFWCB Coordinator/Adviser

Adam Dillon

PhD Candidate - GDPE - Dr. Kevin Crooks' Lab

Erica Fleishman

Senior Research Scientist

Ecology and conservation biology

John Hawkins

Senior Research Associate - Larval Fish Lab

Matt Haworth

Research Assistant II - Larval Fish Lab

Jacob Job

Research Associate II

Ed Kluender

Research Associate - Larval Fish Lab

Theresa Laverty

PostDoctoral Fellow - Dr. Kathryn Stoner Lab

Mo Lundin

Stu Admin & Clerical

Bill Pate

Research Associate-CSU Fisheries Ecology Lab

David Pavlacky

Online Plan C Instructor

Ann Randall

Assistant Professor/Undergraduate Advisor

Conservation Education, Animal Behavior and Ecology. Not taking graduate students.

Sarah Reed

Affiliate Faculty, Graduate Co-Adviser, Instructor

Justin Reeves

Assistant Professor/Undergraduate Advisor

insect ecology, herbivore-plant interactions, invasive species/biocontrol, climate change ecology, rangeland productivity, animal behavior

Angela Rex

Research Associate II

Kim Samsel

Admin Assistant III

Sean Seal

Research Associate III

Larval Fish Laboratory Curator Assistant Collection Manager (145k containers and counting!)

Darrel Snyder

Resch Sci/Scholar II - Larval Fish Lab

Cameron Walford

Research Associate III - Larval Fish Lab