Department Directory


Lise Aubry

Assistant Professor

Demography, Population Ecology, Life History Evolution, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Management, Human-Wildlife Conflicts, Climate Change, Habitat Degradation.

Joel Berger

Barbara Anthony Cox Chair of Wildlife Conservation

Barbara Cox Anthony University Chair in Wildlife Conservation

Kevin Bestgen

Senior Research Scientist, Joint Faculty Appointment-Assistant Professor, Director Larval Fish Lab

Sara Bombaci

Assistant Professor

Researching innovative strategies for restoring biodiversity, investigates how ecological communities and interactions are transformed by anthropogenic change, and integrates technology.

William Clements


Aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology

Kevin Crooks


Wildlife ecology and conservation

Liba Goldstein


I am a conservation biologist that integrates field ecology with environmental finance and policy to identify innovative ways to sustain and restore biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Kyle Horton

Assistant Professor

Migration ecologist using radar to study avian movements

Brett Johnson


I study food webs, predator-prey interactions, lake and reservoir ecology, effects of nonnative species, fisheries management, contaminants, and effects of climate.

Yoichiro Kanno

Associate Professor

Stream fish ecology and conservation

Bill Kendall

COOP Assistant Unit Leader, Assistant Professor

David Koons

James C. Kennedy Chair of Wetland and Waterfowl Conservation

James C Kennedy Endowed Wetland/Waterfowl Conservation Chair. I use demography to solve problems and answer questions in conservation, management, ecology, and evolution.

Chris Myrick


Applied fish physiological ecology and fish conservation

Dan Preston

Assistant Professor

Freshwater Ecology

Ann Randall

Assistant Professor/Undergraduate Advisor

Conservation Education, Animal Behavior and Ecology. Not taking graduate students.

Kathryn Stoner

Department Head

Cecilia White

Undergraduate Advisor/Instructor

Dana Winkelman

COOP Unit Leader, Assistant Professor