Department Directory

Affiliates and Joint Faculty

Stewart Breck

Affiliate Faculty-Assistant Professor; Graduate MS Adviser, PhD Co-Advise

Ken Burnham

Emeritus Professor - former Asst. Leader, Coop Unit

Ana Davidson

Research Associate III, Joint Faculty Appointment-Instructor, Graduate Co-Advise only

Eric Fetherman

Ph.D. Candidate - Fish, Wildife, and Conservation Biology

Erica Fleishman

Senior Research Scientist

Ecology and conservation biology

Luke George

Affiliate - Instructor

Jessica Hinz

Wildlife Project Coordinator

Wildlife, Threatened/Endangered Species, GIS, Fort McCoy

Theresa Laverty

PostDoctoral Fellow - Dr. Kathryn Stoner Lab

Erin Muths

Affiliate - Graduate Committee Member- Bailey Lab

Mickey Pardo

PostDoctoral Fellow - Dr. George Wittemyer Lab

David Pavlacky

Online Plan C Instructor

Kim Pepin

Researcher in Wittemyer Lab

Sarah Reed

Affiliate Faculty, Graduate Co-Adviser, Instructor

Cameron Walford

Research Associate III - Larval Fish Lab