Department Directory

Graduate Students

Mai Awad

Graduate Assistant

Alex Brooks

PhD Student, Watershed Science

Natalie Buchholz


Urban Ecology, Urban Forestry, Human-Wildlife Interactions, Environmental Justice/Equity, Asian Elephants

Kristin Davis

PhD Candidate - FWCB - Dr. Liba Pejchar's Lab

Jemma Fadum

Tropical limnology and aquatic biogeochemistry

Jacob Genuise

international climate change negotiations, water and energy policy, climate drivers of ecosystem change

AJ Lee

Climate change & GHGs

Anna Clare Monlezun

Social-ecological dynamics of collaborative grazing management on government-owned lands

Clara Mosso

Graduate Assistant

Land use planning, scenario planning, ecosystem services modeling, environmental policy.

Allison Rhea

Research Associate II

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Katie Rocci

global environmental change, soil organic matter, nutrient cycling

Matt Twyman

Stu Researcher

Developing Greenhouse Gas Inventories & Policy

Natalie Wiley

Graduate Assistant

PSM - Carbon, Global Change, and Greenhouse Gas Management