Department Directory

Affiliates and Joint Faculty

Cameron Aldridge

Research Ecologist with USGS, and Affiliate Professor and Research Scientist at CSU

Jill Baron

Senior Research Scientist

Stewart Breck

Affiliate Faculty-Assistant Professor; Graduate MS Adviser, PhD Co-Advise

Michael Coughenour

Senior Research Scientist and Advising Faculty

Ecosystem science and systems ecology, particularly of the world's large herbivore ecosystems.

Julie Heinrichs

Resch Sci/Scholar II

Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology

Sarah King

I am a behavioral ecologist who specialises in equids and endangered species conservation.

Sunil Kumar

Resch Scientist/Scholar II NREL, Affiliate Faculty ESS & BSPM

Stacy Lynn

Research Scientist II

Social-ecological systems, African drylands and mixed-methods research

Melissa McHale

Associate Professor

Urban Ecology and Sustainability

Mike Ryan

SR Resch Sci/Scholar

Tom Stohlgren

Senior Research Scientist

Jody Vogeler

Research Scientist

Remote sensing applications in wildlife and forest disturbance ecology

Matthew Wallenstein

Associate Professor

Soil microbial ecology; sustainable agriculture; climate change; biogeochemistry.