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A woman giving a presentation to a group of rangers

This seminar employs horizontal learning while embracing the professional background and expertise of the course’s participants to create a community of practice.

During the seminar, participants will travel to over a dozen different protected areas managed at the national, state, and local levels and their gateway communities in four US state destinations over a 2.5-week period. The seminar will combine a series of modules and activities on cross-cutting issues that involve intensive and active engagement of the participants. Teaching methods will include lectures, discussion sessions, small group exercises, participant presentations, and informal exchanges among participants, faculty, and invited speakers. The workshop will also include a variety of activities to build camaraderie and help participants understand the challenges to sustainable tourism in natural areas and the importance of highly trained personnel. These activities include interpreter-guided hikes and a trip through a cave, and spending time with concessionaires and outfitters to experience firsthand protected area tourism programs. Each participant will present a brief presentation on their work and the status of tourism and protected area management in their nations at the beginning of the seminar.