How to Apply

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the 8th Seminar is POSTPONED until 2021. A new application period will be launched at the end of this year (2020).



Download our NEW comprehensive Seminar Application Guide. Follow the step-by-step instructions to fill out and submit the seminar’s application form online.

Fill out the full application here, saving as you go, and submit.

NOTE: Please make sure that you periodically save your draft application while you are filling it out in order to not lose your application data in the case that internet connectivity is lost or if you cannot finish your application in one sitting. This can be accomplished by selecting “Save” in the bottom right of the application. You will be prompted to input your email, and a link to your saved application will be sent by email. This way you can pick up where you left off in the application process and not lose any of the data you have already entered.

If you have problems submitting your application online, please contact

To complete the application, you should plan on having the following information on hand before you begin filling it out:

  1. Be ready to answer the question “Why are you interested in attending this seminar?”
  2. Information about your occupation, including job title and responsibilities, supervisor’s name, their contact information, and the physical address of your office
  3. Your contact information, including email, phone, Skype (if applicable), WhatsApp phone number (if applicable), and your home address
  4. Emergency contact information, including name of your emergency contact, phone number, e-mail address, and home address.
  5. Health insurance information and details on any relevant medical issues (including medications taken, allergies, dietary restrictions, and medical conditions). Note: This information is for our personal use so that, in the event of your participation in the training seminar, we are prepared to aid you with any medical assistance necessary.
  6. Funding status, including funding organization name and contact information
  7. Personal profile of 8 – 10 lines in length (this will be used for us to better get to know the applicants and will be compiled in a profile document for those chosen to attend the training seminar).
  8. Passport information, if available, if not you can email it to us at a later date.
  9. Visa information, if available, if not you can email it to us at a later date.

NOTE: It is important that you accurately fill out all the required information. Regarding medical information, this information will not affect your chance of being selected to participate in the seminar. Complete information helps us to better respond to the needs of our participants.


At the end of the online application form, upload your supplementary documents.

If you have any of the following supplementary documents available to submit with your application, you can upload them via the file upload function on page 10 of the web application form:

  1. CV or resume (no more than 2 pages as a Word document or PDF),
  2. A copy of your passport photo and information page (if you have a passport),
  3. A copy of your US visa (if you have one),
  4. A letter of institutional support (or letter of recommendation if self-employed or a student).
  5. A photo of yourself that we can use in our “participant profile document.”

However, we also understand that applicants don’t always have all of their documentation together at the same time.  Should it be necessary to submit your supporting documents at a later date, please e-mail with the required supplementary information.


Look for funding.

If you do not have funding to attend the course, you will be responsible for looking for your own financial support. Unfortunately, Colorado State University does not offer scholarships for this course. We recommend that applicants look for national and international funding opportunities. Applicants that can acquire partial financial support, for their flight for example, generally are more successful in finding additional funding. Please refer to our document explaining different funding opportunities here.

Note: If your potential funding source requires proof of acceptance in order to apply for their opportunities, please write In some cases, the center is able to provide a conditional letter of acceptance for those applicants who demonstrate a need to provide proof of acceptance in order to apply for financial support.


Be proactive.

Keep in contact with the CPAM training coordinator ( during the selection process. Be sure to communicate any change in your status, especially regarding your funding situation.


Wait for selection results. The Center will send each participant an official communication regarding results of the selection process. For the 2018 course, the final communication will be sent in early June 2018. For those who are selected to participate in the course, the training coordinator will contact each participant to assist in their preparation for the course. For those who are not selected to participate in the course this year, we highly advise you to apply again for the following year. It is not uncommon for participant to apply several times before being selected to participate.

For additional information, you can email the course coordinators at:

Applications will be accepted until May 8, 2020. Successful applicants will be notified in June. Tuition funds must be deposited by July 3, 2020 to guarantee your space in the course.

Do you have more questions regarding the application process for the seminar? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions here.