About the Seminar

four people taking pictures of a lone buffalo in the mountains

The Mobile Seminar on Planning and Managing Tourism in Protected Areas is an intensive, 2.5-week seminar, offered in English, for individuals involved in efforts to plan and manage tourism and outdoor recreation in protected areas. Co-sponsored by the Center for Protected Area Management (CPAM) and the U.S. Forest Service Office of International Programs, the seminar analyzes how tourism in protected areas can help create public support for conservation, contribute to public health, fund protected area management, and provide economic benefits to local communities and national economies. Ideal participants will be mid-level professional and technical personnel who work for governmental or nongovernmental conservation and tourism organizations, in academia, in the private sector, and in community-based and indigenous tourism and conservation initiatives in or near protected areas. Good English conversation skills are required.

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a ranger speaking to a group of people
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“The things I have learned in this seminar are more effective than what any classroom course or university degree can provide. This seminar will be very fruitful in shaping my career and enhancing my planning and working skills. Apart from that, getting to know 28 other participants from different parts of the globe gave me the opportunity to learn their cultures, their work areas, and their practices in conservation and tourism.”



“This course involved 17 days running through 20 US protected areas across 5 states with the fantastic coordination of Jim Barborak, Ryan Finchum and Steve McCool in the company of 28 amazing professionals from 19 countries around the world. The Mobile Seminar on Planning and Managing Tourism in Protected Areas, offered by Colorado State University in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, is truly a unique event that is making a difference worldwide. Highly recommended!”


“This course has been one of the best experiences in my life, both professionally and personally. It helped me understand the way different cultures resolve conservation challenges and it gave me perspective on the situation in my country, my protected area, and where we are headed and why. I plan to give back what I have learned during this course for the benefit of conservation and the enjoyment of protected areas in my country.”