MTM faculty, Alan Bright, Natalie Ooi, Sam Martin, along with staff, Todd Franks, engaged in a research focused on the overlapping responsibilities of management agencies and shared opportunities for recreation and tourism in the Rocky Mountain region. This project sought to address gaps in the data by contacting government land management agencies as well as private, and public stakeholder groups to seek input in identifying key issues and concerns related to the management of public lands within the Rocky Mountain region and the tourism and recreation opportunities they represent. The overall goal was to establish a team-based and regional approach to managing the resource across numerous jurisdictions and for multiple user types. This collective approach provided critical information for a comprehensive and strategic plan relevant to local, state, and regional interests, while working within their ever shrinking budgets. As a result of this project, the department was able to apply for and receive outside funding from multiple agencies to further research relevant to diversity in outdoor recreation which was one of the areas of need identified by the group of experts.