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Interested in a specific industry within natural resources? Below you will find resources to explore, experience, and prepare for your career of choice.

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Where does your interest lie?

The Federal Government is the largest and most diverse employer in the country. As the highest level of government, positions within carry a certain distinction, leadership, and pride. If interested in a career with the Federal Government, please click below.

Similar to the Federal Government, Colorado consists of many agencies that oversee the various natural resources throughout the state. A variety of careers are offered within state, local, and city government agencies. If interested in a state or local position, please click below.

There are many opportunities to work for private or nonprofit agencies in Colorado, which include resorts, tour companies, ecotourism companies, wildlife sanctuaries, and more. If interested in the private or nonprofit sector, please click below.

Colorado State University Students participate in a bioblitz in Spring Valley near Glenwood Springs, June 28, 2017.



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