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The Federal Government is the largest and most diverse employer in the country. As the highest level of government, positions within carry a certain distinction, leadership, and pride. If interested in a career with the Federal Government, please ‘click’ below.

Similar to the Federal Government, Colorado consists of many agencies that oversee the various natural resources throughout the state. A variety of careers are offered within state, local, and city government agencies. If interested in a state or local position, please ‘click’ below.

There are many opportunities to work for private or nonprofit agencies in Colorado, which include resorts, tour companies, ecotourism companies, wildlife sanctuaries, and more. If interested in the private or nonprofit sector, please ‘click’ below.

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Make your mark.

Utilize Handshake to explore internships of interest. Search by job type, location, major, and more.

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Volunteering provides a great way to gain experience as a Warner Ram. Many organizations seek volunteers to help with community engagement, animal care-taking, field maintenance, and more.

Interested in joining a student organization? WCNR offers a variety of clubs that touch on many interest areas in the college. Through involvement, students develop many skills pertinent to the workplace, including communication, team-building, networking, and more. ‘Click’ on the icon below for more.

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Develop your personal brand.

It is important to have a resume developed whether a first-year student or graduating senior. The ultimate goal is to get an interview, and a well-developed resume/CV will get you there. Be mindful of aesthetics and communicating who you are effectively; stand out for the “right” reasons.

A question often asked is: “Why submit a cover letter?” Cover letters are a great way to share how your past experiences directly relate to the job opportunity for which you are applying. While not always required, it provides a space to expand on your experiences and draw in the employer.

As a way to prepare, utilize Big Interview, a website designed for preparation. You will be asked a list of questions, all tailored to you and your specific needs as a Warner Ram. To begin, register by clicking here. Once registered and on the main page, ‘click’ Assignments (top right) and use the following code (cc19a2) to begin.

Salary negotiation can, initially, sound daunting. By planning ahead and knowing your added value, you will gain both confidence and skills in preparing to negotiate with a future employer.

Sample Resumes

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