Our student advisors extended a warm welcome to all our new freshman and transfer students during Friday’s RAM Welcome. They spent time getting to know each other, and the students became familiar with essential FRS department hotspots such as Leopold’s Lair (the hub for our student clubs) and Sherwood Forest. They also met our friendly office staff in room 123 of the Forestry Building.

Our office staff also had some outside fun equipping new “firefighters” with quirky safety glasses and a mini foam water cannon at our RAM Welcome booth. Each participant’s objective was to extinguish six candles as quickly as they could in our “Wildfire Shootout” game. Some of our very own new students stepped up to the plate!

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to your success and we look forward to getting to know each of you! Dig deep and reach high this year!

Words of Wisdom

“Take advantage of your entire college experience here at CSU. Get involved on campus (go abroad, start or join a student organization) and utilize the resources that are available to ensure your success in FRS. Find a mentor/peer mentor in FRS to remain accountable for your education, and then become that for another student.”

Tiara Marshall
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Academic Advisor

“Begin with the end in mind and don’t forget to have fun!  Your college experience is filled with endless opportunities, both in the classroom and field.  It is our goal to help you feel supported and find your fit and passion to make a change in the world.”

Megan Mardesen
Academic Support Coordinator