“Starting last spring, the Warner College of Natural Resources offered a new major to its curriculum.

The Human Dimensions of Natural Resources bachelor’s degree had its first two graduates in its first semester.

The HDNR major was introduced into the curriculum to help students understand a broad area of environmental communication, conservation, parks and protected areas.

This degree program is to prepare students in addressing conservation and environmental issue though including a human component to all plans. The HDNR major allows students to explore how to help environmental/conservation issues while understanding the human needs involved.

“Our students love the outdoors and people and have a desire to preserve what is left of our natural resources for future generations,” wrote Brett Bruyere, associate professor for the Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources.

The HDNR major was approved by the CSU Faculty Council in October 2015, and began accepting students into the major in January 2016 after receiving approval from the CSU Board of Governors.

The HDNR major was the result of a survey of more than 40 employers in 2012, but had been informally discussed before that.

Students in the HDNR major will explore the challenges to conserving and sustaining resources on the planet that are typically caused by human behaviour.

“It’s human behavior that has typically caused the challenges, and it’ll take human behavior to solve them” wrote Bruyere.

These students will gain the skills to see a conservation issue through a variety of perspectives that may be beyond their own.”

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