Hooten authors new book with CSU alumni


Mevin Hooten (Assistant Unit Leader and Associate Professor) authored a new textbook on statistical models for animal movement.  Two of his coauthors (i.e., Devin Johnson and Brett McClintock) are CSU alumni.  The book (Animal Movement:  Statistical Models for Telemetry Data) is published by CRC Press and serves as a comprehensive reference for the types of statistical models used to study individual-based animal movement.  It is an essential reference for wildlife biologists, quantitative ecologists, and statisticians who seek a deeper understanding of modern animal movement models. A wide variety of modeling approaches are reconciled in the book using a consistent notation. Models are organized into groups based on how they treat the underlying spatio-temporal process of movement. Connections among approaches are highlighted to allow the reader to form a broader view of animal movement analysis and its associations with traditional spatial and temporal statistical modeling.