Three graduate candidates from the Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department were on hand Wednesday to accept student presentation awards at the 2017 Natural Areas Conference held in Fort Collins.

Ph.D. Candidate, Thomas Timberlake (photographed at left) received second place for his oral presentation on “Examining the U.S. Forest Service’s Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments: Themes and Opportunities.”

four people smiling

Lydia Baldwin (second from left) and Andreas Wion (third from left) with other recipients at the NAC Conference. Photos by Mauro Ricchiuti.


Masters student Andreas Wion received second place for his poster presentation on, “Effects of Climate Change on Mast-Seeding in a Semi-Arid Conifer: Pinyon Pine (Pinus edulis).”

See Andreas Wion’s poster here.


Master’s student Lydia Baldwin received third place for her poster presentation on, “Restoring Carbon Sequestration Processes in a Degraded Wet Meadow.”

See Lydia Baldwin’s poster here.


Congratulations on this national recognition!