DEI awards for the 2022-2023 academic year


  • Dr. Christina Cavaliere ” is a global leader speaking out for equity / inclusion and impacting women’s roles and recognition for the better in our department and around the world… of note this year was her influence leading to greater representation by women as keynote speakers in the Tourism Naturally Conference [which had 1000+ registrants from over 50 countries] in October 2022.”

Graduate students:

  • Arianna Basto Eyzaguirre served as a TA for NR400. “The CSU Principles of Community, environmental justice, and social justice are a core component of NR 400….Arianna is a TA with experience in and passion for these areas. She challenges students to think critically and apply justice-related concepts. She also shares successes from her Master’s project, which is about Latinx fishers in Colorado and is a joint project with CO Parks and Wildlife. Arianna also goes the extra mile to support students struggling with mental health challenges and accommodation needs.”
  • Carly Quisenberry is “a graduate student in CLTL, and a member of the Cherokee Nation, who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to promoting DEI in our academic community. Carly’s thesis [uses Indigenous methodologies to examine] the workplace experiences of rangers who identify as Indigenous women. Carly was invited to be a panelist at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry’s “Indigenous Women’s Narratives as “Felt Theory” & Indigenous Methodology for Healing” event. She has also worked and volunteered for organizations committed to supporting underserved communities, including Homeward Bound, a leadership NGO focused on supporting women’s leadership in STEMM fields.”

Undergraduate Student:

  • Rebekah Moats “is minoring in Diversity & Inclusion and majoring in HDNR. In her classroom projects this year, she has been doing projects centered around DEI subjects, including on decolonization and equity in Warner College education”