Fresh off hosting a large timber sports competition of their own, Colorado State University’s Logging Sports Team shows their competitive edge at Montana’s annual competition.

All six members of CSU’s team earned placings at Missoula’s annual Forestry Days, a two-day event that brings collegiate and professional athletes together to compete in a variety of forestry-related skills events. In the collegiate competition, those who received first through sixth place rankings garnered team points. Despite being two people short of a full team, CSU’s individual accolades earned the team a 5th place finish overall in a competitive field of a dozen other institutions.

Individual Placements:

Amanda James
2nd in Women’s Power Saw and  6th in Women’s Choker Race

Amanda James and Haley Mondin
3rd in Women’s Double Buck

Galen Burr
3rd in Men’s Vertical Hard Hit

Will Booth
3rd in Men’s Axe Throw and 4th in Men’s Caber Toss

Matthew Bomar
4th in Men’s Pole Climb

Haley Mondin
5th in Women’s Horizontal Speed Chop and 6th in Women’s Caber Toss

Lionzo Escobedo
6th in Men’s Horizontal Speed Chop

CSU student cuts log with chainsaw

Professional Competition

The following day, a few CSU students paired up with professional timber sports athletes to compete and place in separate events.

Galen Burr and John Parcell (Professional)
2nd in Vertical Speed Chop

Haley Mondin and Trevor Baker (Professional)
4th in Horizontal Speed Chop

(All photos courtesy of Haley Mondin)