Fly Fishers International honors Kurt Fausch with Leopold Conservation Award

Dr. Kurt Fausch, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, was recently honored by Fly Fishers International (formerly the Federation of Fly Fishers) with the Leopold Conservation Award.

The award honors “outstanding contributions to fisheries and land ecology” and is presented to a person whose career has fostered the land ethic espoused and demonstrated by Aldo Leopold, Luna Leopold, A. Starker Leopold and the other Leopold family members.  Recipients are chosen based on work that recognizes the value of all ecosystem parts, not only fish and wildlife but all biotic and abiotic components that are an integral part of it.

Fausch has conducted collaborative research to conserve stream fish in Colorado and the West, and worldwide, including to Hokkaido in northern Japan.  His experiences were chronicled in the PBS documentary RiverWebs, and the recent award-winning book For the Love of Rivers: A Scientist’s Journey.

Previous winners of the FFI Leopold Award include Dr. Robert Behnke (2004) of FWCB, and his close colleague Phil Pister (2016), as well as FWCB alumnus Dr. Jack Stanford (2011).