It was a rewarding night for forest and rangeland stewards at the Warner College of Natural Resources Awards banquet. Students, researchers and faculty across the Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department received recognition for their contributions to our understanding of the natural resources under their care, and for supporting the development of stewards at many different points in their careers. It was a true Warner College community showing with colleagues, peers, family members and friends in attendance during this fittingly Earth Day celebration.

Warner College of Natural Resource Awards

Restoration ecology professor receives award

Mark Paschke

Outstanding Service to the College Award

oceanography instructor receives award

Ursula Quillmann

Harry E. Troxell Distinguished Service-to-Students Faculty Award

wetland researcher receives award

David Cooper

Outstanding Mentorship Award

Fire ecologist receives award

Chad Hoffman

Outstanding Research Impact Award

Forest modeler receives award

Justin Ziegler

Outstanding Research Support Award

woman smiling

Courtney Schultz

Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Outstanding Publication

Prescribed Fire Policy Barriers and Opportunities

Courtney Schultz, Heidi Huber-Stearns, Sarah McCaffrey, Douglas Quirke, Gwen Ricco, and Cassandra Moseley

Forest Science alumnus portrait

Tait Rutherford
(FRS Alumnus)

Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award

Forestry student receives award

Max Griffis

Robert Davis Honor Senior Memorial Award

natural resource management student receives award

Ryleigh Gelles

Undergraduate Research Award

Warner College Academic Success Collaborative

Warner College of Natural Resources Team Award

Megan Mardesen
Tiara Marshall
Rebekah Pichotta

Department Awards

Jayne Jonas-Bratten

Outstanding Instructor in Rangeland Ecosystem Science

Kate Weimer

Outstanding Senior in Rangeland Ecosystem Science

Levi Loria

William Bressan Memorial Award

Outstanding Senior in Forest Sciences

Student Selected Awards

Forest health professor portrait

Seth Davis

Instructor of the Year

Ryleigh Gelles

Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Outstanding Student