University Level Awards

Kelly Jones (HDNR), Yu Wei, Stephanie Kampf, Antony Cheng
Warner College of Natural Resources

Interdisciplinary Scholarship Award- Team

Kelly Jones (HDNR) along with her team received the interdisciplinary scholarship award from the university. This award recognizes either a faculty member or research team whose interdisciplinary scholarship has had a major impact nationally and/or internationally, or who have demonstrated their potential to do so. Kelly and her team find ways to quantify return on investments for forest fuel reduction projects and involve investors in the process of protecting watersheds.

College Level Awards

Michael Gavin

Outstanding Research Impact Award

Michael’s research focus involving defining and promoting biocultural approaches to conservation has sparked a network of researchers at CSU and other institutions. This award is presented to a faculty member in Warner College who has demonstrated outstanding research impact, as recognized through two lenses. One, excellence in outputs and productivity, such as demonstrated through scholarly publications, inventions, patents, licenses, or extramural grant support and contracts. Two, excellence in outcomes and impacts, as reflected through research findings that significantly advance scientific understanding in a way that fundamentally shapes a scientific field, significantly advance practice and application of some aspect of natural resource science, or other significant impact.

Rebecca Gruby
Notable HDNR Publication

Rebecca (HDNR) received this award recognizing her publication: Toward a Social Science Research Agenda for Large Marine Protected Areas — Rebecca L. Gruby, Noella J. Gray, Lisa M. Campbell, Leslie Acton. This award highlights outstanding publications from each department in the Warner college.

Sunshine Swetnam

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Sunshine’s outstanding work as a teaching assistant in NRRT 320 and NRRT 372 has earned her recognition. This award is presented to a student who served as a teaching assistant in one or more classes offered by a member of Warner College during the previous calendar year, for outstanding performance as a teaching assistant.

Rick Knight

Harry E. Troxell Distinguished Service-to-Students Faculty Award

Rick’s impact on students has been recognized year after year with WCNR awards and this year is no different. This award is presented to a faculty member in the Warner College of Natural Resources who has given outstanding service to students. The award seeks to recognize faculty members who stimulate the curiosity of students by motivating and challenging them.

Esther Duke

Outstanding Administrative Staff Award

Esther’s dedication to the department has earned her recognition by the Warner college. This award is presented to a staff member in the Warner College who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and innovation, and an exceptional customer-service ethic in fulfilling their job responsibilities.

Jim Barborak and Ryan Finchum

Outstanding Service Award

Jim and Ryan received this award for their outstanding service work through the management of CPAM. This award is presented to a member of Warner College who has demonstrated outstanding service by advancing the college or university mission through service assignments within the university; exceptional extension of new knowledge beyond the university walls; leadership in professional societies, advisory boards, or other organizations; statewide, regional, or national service roles; or engagement to advance broad societal goals.

Department Level Awards

Casey Franklin
Outstanding Student in the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Department

Hannah Karn and Torrey Stephenson

Outstanding Graduating Senior J.V.K. Wagar Award

Hannah and Torrey received recognition from the HDNR faculty for their excellence in HDNR. They have demonstrated success in the department through out their time in HDNR.