Lexi currently serves as a Biological Science Technician at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service in Fort Collins where she researches soil carbon sequestration in bioenergy crops.  She also is the Research and Program Analyst for a new environmental not-for-profit called Global Choices (formerly Earth Restoration Alliance), based out of Carbondale, Colorado.  In this role, she works on and with organizations and projects focused on protecting biodiversity, water, promoting renewable energy, sustainability and peace, climate change, and importantly, women!

What are you up to now in your job? Any noteworthy projects to discuss?

With Global Choices, we are working on a Global Voices/Global Choices platform that acts as a vehicle for strong interactive democracy focusing on environmental threats to awaken policy makers. Calling on people, especially the younger generation to step up and fight against climate change. At Global Choices, there is a big emphasis on intergenerational sharing and learning, which is very beneficial at both ends.

I am also analyzing the Arctic and Antarctic policies of Member States and Indigenous groups. The Circumpolar regions are our planets thermostat and climate change is devastatingly altering the normal function of the Earth’s feedback loops. Their future is our future.

Being a young, environmental scientist concerned with climate change and working on the Arctic is the dream, it doesn’t get any sexier than this!

Can you reflect on your time and experiences at CSU and how it benefited you? How did CSU set you up for success in your career field?

CSU helped me drive my passion within the environmental field. Going into ESS, I didn’t know I would have a strong desire to research environmental and human health: I thought I was strictly focused on sustainability, but without a healthy environment, there is no sustainability.

What advice do you have for current students or recent grads?

Thinking about the future of our planet can be scary, but the world needs (young) people who deeply care about the environment and how necessary it is for our livelihoods. My best piece of advice is to find what drives your passion for environmental sustainability and run with it.

Dabble in as many sectors of the environment and sustainability that holds the slightest interest. You never know what a small curiosity will turn into, plus the experience adds up.

Any recent awards or distinctions you may have received?

Fulbright Fellowship to Finland 2019-2020

With the University of Helsinki, I will be researching nature-based solutions to immune diseases created by environmental factors.