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Derek SchuttDerek Schutt

Assistant Professor
PH.D. 2000, University of Oregon, Eugene Phone: 970-491-5786
Office Location: Natural Resources Building, Rm. 324B

email: Derek.Schutt_at_Colostate.edu

Mailing Address:

Colorado State University
322 Natural Resources Building
Campus Delivery 1482
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1482
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Research Statement

I am interested in using seismology, combined with mineral physics, geochemistry, and geodynamical modeling, to understand the mantle’s physical properties, flow, and interaction with the crust.

Topics of interest to me are hotspots, mantle plumes, and convective rolls; lithospheric strength boundaries and their role in strain partitioning; the mantle’s role in past and present western U.S. tectonics and deformation; and the effect of petrological variations on the dynamical origin of mantle structure.   See the research section of our Wiki for more info.


Welcome Mohit Agarwal and Brianna Lyons to our research group!
It's a great time to be looking for jobs in Geosciences.   Here's a report on the state of the workforce.

Our CSEDI proposal on mantle plumes was funded!   This will fund t* research on Yellowstone, among other things.
Just had a couple new Yellowstone articles (Manea et al., 2009; Leeman, et al., 2009) published in the special Yellowstone issue of the Journal of Vocanology and Geothermal Research.

I was one of the co-authors of the Long Range Science Plan for Seismology.  
We have had our Geology article on the temperature of the Yellowstone plume just got a short write up at the on-line New Scientist website.   A local paper also did a little article.


Worried that there are more earthquakes this year?   Actually it's been pretty normal.
Why do they occur?  See this little IRIS write-up.
A little Earthscope animation on how seismic waves affect buildings.   See which types of waves do the most damage.
How seismic tomography works.
More animations.   (Thanks to IRIS)

Prospective Students

Interested in graduate study in seismology and geophysics at CSU?   Check out here.