Kenneth R. Wilson

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Professor & Department Head
Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

Graduate Degree Program in Ecology
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1474
Office: (970) 491-5020
FAX: (970) 491-5091 Email


Curriculum Vitae.

Research Interests.

My students and I have an interest in wildlife management, conservation biology and ecology specifically related to 1) impacts of human activities on wildlife, 2) population ecology especially of small mammals, and 3) understanding patterns of species richness and our ability to predict species distributions across the landscape. To that end we have an interest in using state-of-the-art computer software in our work, including GIS and spatial modeling, with the ultimate goal of improving the management and conservation of wild species.


Past courses include: FW100 Wildlife Fundamentals, FW111 (Basic Outdoor Skills in FWCB), FWCC192 Wildlife Inquiries, FW370 Design of Wildlife Projects, FW471 Wildlife Data Collection, NR120 Environmental Conservation, FW551 Design of Fish & Wildlife Studies, and FW696 (Graduate Student Orientation)

Completed Graduate Student Research.

Current Graduate Student Research.

Graduate Program Information for my Department and the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology and the CSU Graduate School

NOTE: As Department Head, I am not accepting graduate students or postdocs at this time...REALLY!

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