Dr. Brett Johnson's

Fisheries Ecology Laboratory at CSU

Devoted to the study of the ecology, conservation and management of freshwater biota and their ecosystems

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We are seeking new projects related to our interests and expertise. Contact: Dr. Brett Johnson

Mission: The Fisheries Ecology Laboratory seeks to solve management problems and expand knowledge of freshwater ecosystems. 

Values: a) objective, unbiased and reliable information for agencies, policy-makers and stakeholders; b) a welcoming and nurturing work environment that challenges personnel to achieve excellence.

Expertise: Our lab offers world-class expertise in food web interactions, fisheries management, limnology,
reservoir ecology, bioenergetics, contaminants, and population dynamics.  We employ an eclectic approach utilizing field studies, laboratory experiments, and computer modeling, and state of the art techniques such as hydroacoustics, stable isotope analysis, otolith microchemistry, and eDNA.

We believe we are successful in part because we collaborate closely with managers and researchers from federal, state and local agencies and the private sector. These relationships also provide enhanced learning experiences for students in the lab.

Mentoring: Undergraduate and graduate students are trained as scientists and gain valuable field and laboratory skills,
studying a wide variety of ecological problems, while working in close association with agency collaborators.

Dr. Brett M. Johnson
Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1474
voice: (970) 491-5002, (970) 491-2749   fax: (970) 491-5091



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