Training and Outreach

Outreach publications:

        Policy Brief #1 (Cyrillic Version)
        Policy Brief #2 (Cyrillic Version) 

     Lessons from the Dzud      
        The video version of the Lessons from the Dzud book   
     Dzud Policy Brief 
        MOR2 Brochure   
June 9-10, 2015 Building Resilience of Mongolia's Rangelands: A Trans-Disciplinary Research Conference
June 16-17, 2015 Bayankhongor Workshop

Climate Change and Herder Observations
Ecological Results
CBRM Outcomes 
Scenario Planning
Scenario Planning Guidelines
Summary of the Workshop

November 18-21, 2014 MOR2 Data Analysis and Scientific Writing Workshop 

     Workshop Agenda
        Workshop Agenda for Facilitators
        Data Analysis Workshop Day 1-2
 (Cyrillic Version)

Worksheet Day 1-2                                                                                            Workshop_2_smallgroups.jpg
Peer Review Guidelines (Cyrillic Version)
MOR2 Paper Template for Workshop Day 3 (Cyrillic version)
June 24, 2014 MOR2 Regional Workshop-2
(Dundgovi, Dornogovi, Omnogovi Aimags)

     MOR2 Regional Consultation Workshop-2 Report 

June 13, 2014 MOR2 Regional Workshop-1
(Tuv and Selenge Aimags)
June 17-18, 2013 Data Analysis Workshop