Student Association For Fire Ecology

SAFE Field WorkSAFE provides students from diverse backgrounds an open forum on fire ecology through which research can be shared, networks formed, and funding and information resources can be accessed. The CSU chapter is a member of the National Student Association for Fire Ecology organization. SAFE-CSU Membership is free, all are welcome to attend. Membership in the Association for Fire Ecology is very moderately priced for students.

The CSU Chapter of the Student Association for Fire Ecology meets the last Wednesday of each month from 5 - 6 PM.  To get club updates, subscribe to our emails by choosing the SAFE-L list on the CSU ListServ.

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CSU FIRELAB Discussion Group

The CSU Fire Lab is an informal group open to anyone interested in fire (typically professors, students, USFS, USGS, CSFS, and other agency personnel).  Readings and discussion topics for the seminar will be sent over the FireLab listserve.  In addition to guest led seminars, discussion topics range from recent journal articles to practice presentations by members for upcoming conferences or job interviews. 

To join, subscribe to the FIRELAB-L email list on the CSU ListServ.

You must be a member of the listserv in order to send messages to the list. Please remember the Listserv is a public forum.  Faculty, students and non-csu people all contribute and read postings.  Please keep it professional.