Train the next generation of private land conservationists and increase the impact of current conservation professionals through targeted educational experiences.

Private lands conservation presents unique challenges and opportunities, yet college curricula often focus primarily on public lands management and stewardship. Transforming how students view and interact with private lands requires broad understandings of social, economic, and ecological dimensions, as well as strong communication and interpersonal skills. 

Similarly, the conservation field is rapidly evolving and requires ongoing professional development. Conservation professionals and landowners need ready access to best policies and practices and new and emerging tools for effective conservation on private lands. 

Our educational programs will train students, landowners, land  managers, and other conservation professionals to meet these challenges, providing a replicable model that could be used  throughout the US and abroad.

“Educating the next generation of conservation leaders and managers about approaches for conserving private lands is a critical step toward helping landowners navigate the intricacies of available conservation options; CSU is uniquely positioned to build on a strong legacy of  conservation education to tackle this goal”

- Dean John P. Hayes, Warner College of Natural Resources


  • Develop comprehensive curricula emphasizing private lands that spans agricultural, natural resource, and related disciplines
  • Facilitate paid internships to provide capacity for conservation partners and real-world learning experiences for students
  • Provide targeted online continuing education opportunities
  • Develop regional short-courses and workshops to meet landowner and conservation partners’ needs

Indicators of Success

  • Student placement rate in conservation positions
  • Landowners and conservation professionals engaged
  • Adoption of new management practices and conservation strategies by practitioners