Connect landowners and conservation professionals with each other and the resources they need to enable conservation action and policy


Decisions that landowners make in managing their lands are key to conservation successes. Conservation and extension professionals often have strong connections with landowners and other key stakeholders in their communities. By providing additional resources and technical knowledge about emerging strategies, landowners and  conservation professionals can be further empowered to support  voluntary conservation action on private lands. 

Additionally, strengthening networks among conservation  professionals and landowners is one of the most effective ways to communicate conservation opportunities

“We are proud to partner with CSU to address  complex natural resource issues and develop broader  collaborative efforts that will result in solutions that  conserve the natural heritage of the American West” 

- Erik Glenn, Executive Director of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust


  • Develop an end user, web-based, tool linking landowners and conservation professionals with conservation programs, resources, and best practices
  • Provide “train the trainers” workshops for landowners and conservation professionals focused on current, practical, and science-based approaches to conservation that benefit nature and landowners
  • Translate key scientific insights into succinct and accessible formats for landowners and professionals
  • Develop a peer-to-peer learning network for landowners engaged in conservation projects
  • Hold annual or biennial conferences to connect landowners with each other, researchers, conservation organizations, and resources in their region

Indicators of Success

  • Website visits (unique and returning) and engagement  analytics such as time spent on page
  • Resource downloads from website
  • Connections made and leads generated
  • Conservation success stories and implementation of conservation practices
  • Tracking status and trends of acres conserved and restored
  • Numbers of landowners and professionals engaged and contact hours