Job Searching and Federal Overview

Develop Job Search Skills
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Federal Government Job and Internship Searching and Applications

The federal application process can seem overwhelming and daunting. A few things to note are:
Top 5 Tips on Applying:

  1. Set up a saved search at be sure you don’t miss great positions!  Doing a Saved Search on their website allows you to receive e-mails about job openings in your specific field and sometimes these positions are only open for 4 days. 
  2. Your resume can be lengthy for federal positions, 3-5 pages, be sure to match the key words in the job description, only tailored resumes make it through.  Most recruiters recommend you use their resume builder!  You can copy and paste into their site from your resume. Be sure to detail your coursework in the education section.
  3. Apply at all types of agencies, you can move around once you get in
  4. Consider all your experiences - academic, volunteer, and paid jobs since all of these provide skills
  5. Review application questionnaires and be sure to back your answers  in your resume.  See:

Here are a few links and resources to help you get started!