Student Firefighter Association

A Remembrance of Joe Philpott---BLM Smokejumper/CSU Forestry Student/SFA member

SFA Meeting: Poudre Fire Authority Recruiting Night  Forestry 212  Wednesday March 13 5PM

Discipulus de Ignis - "Student of Fire"


“If you choose to lead others you will have a legacy. But that legacy will be determined by those that follow you. I suppose I would want my legacy be that firefighters begin to realize the importance of being a student of fire and that I was able to help make that happen.” Paul Gleason 2003

Watch Paul Gleason's 2001 S490 presentation on Lessons Learned---Cerro Grande

The Colorado State University's Student Firefighter Association (SFA), is an association comprised of active, past, and aspiring wildland firefighters, students, professors and researchers.

Our goal is to generate a network of active fire managers, those new to fire, and those researching and teaching about fire. Through this network we hope to improve the fire science education received at CSU, provide greater career training and job opportunities, develop a stronger tie with active fire management practitioners and initiate a cohort of “students of fire” at CSU, both active students and alumni.

We also want to acknowledge the tremendous contributions to fire education and especially firefighter safety made by Paul Gleason who taught Fire Science here at CSU.

The Warner College of Natural Resources is working to endow a scholarship in memory of Paul Gleason, providing support to future “students of fire,” lessening the financial burden of their education.  To make a gift, please click here

Meetings are held monthly in the Forestry Building on the CSU campus. We have a diverse speaker series both local and national-level in scope. We also do outreach project work and training such as fuels thinning, slash burning, WUI assessments and S-series classes.

In addition, we are developing relationships for experiential training through fire management agencies, skills training and qualification, career counseling and increased interaction with CSU alumni in fire management.

Contact SFA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.