Our students apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and in a variety of field experiences unmatched by any program in the country. Among the courses offered are: 

Courses Taught By HDNR Faculty
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NR 120 Environmental Conservation
Course Description: Students will become informed and critical thinkers regarding environmental change, human society, and the sustainability of natural resources from local to global sources. 

NR 220  Natural Resource Ecology and Measurements  
Course Description: Ecology of Rocky Mountains ecosystems. Basic measurements and integrated management of natural resources.
NR 310  Ecosystem Services and Human Well-Being 
Course Description: Life-supporting and life-fulfilling benefits that nature provides to humans; theory, case studies, and policy.
NR 375  Environment and Natural Resources Leadership 
Course Description: Environment and natural resources leadership history, skills, and styles. Creation of leadership path and organization prescriptions.
NR 382B  Travel Abroad: Social-Ecological Field Methods in Belize 
Course Description: Social and ecological field methods commonly used in natural resource management.
NR 387  Internship I  
Course Description: Preparation for field experience in natural resources management.
NR 440  Applications in Conservation Planning 
Course Description: Conservation planning method applications that integrate natural resources by conservation organizations and government agencies.
NR 510  Ecosystem Services: Theory and Practice 
Course Description: Theory and application of ecosystem services drawing upon ecological, economic, and institutional analysis.
NR 541  Conservation Policy, Finance, and Governance 
Course Description: Overview of conservation policy, finance and governance issues at the local, national, and international levels.
NR 543B  Catalyzing Change: Collaborative Conservation 
Course Description: Collaborative communication theories, methods and tools to effectively create change in the field of conservation.
NR 544D  Conservation Methods: Spatial Information
NR 544E  Conservation Methods: Integrative Field Work
NR 545B  Multilevel Views: Society and Conservation- Global 
Course Description: Myriad and often opposing views of societal and environmental problems across cultures and across scales.
NR 549A  Conservation and Systems Leadership 
Course Description: Conservation leadership development by exposure to leadership models, theories, case studies, assessments and trainings.
NR 549B  Conservation and Systems Leadership: Field  
Course Description: Effective environmental leadership across cultures through exposure to leadership models, theories, case studies, assessments and trainings.
NR 562  Ecosystem Services in a Changing World 
Course Description: Understanding of ecosystem services and global change.
NR 564  Systems Thinking and Biodiversity 
Course Description: Social-ecological systems and the implication of social-ecological systems thinking for biological diversity conservation efforts.
NRRT Courses
NRRT 231  Principles-Parks/Protected Area Management  
Course Description: Tools and strategies used by managers in parks and protected areas.

NRRT 262  Principles of Environmental Communication  
Course Description: Principles of environmental communication, education, and interpretation for managing natural and cultural resources.

NRRT 270  Principles of Natural Resource Tourism  
Course Description: Tourism and private commercial outdoor recreation industry in America.

NRRT 301  Conservation Leadership  
Course Description: Approaches to conservation leadership.

NRRT 320  International Issues-Recreation and Tourism  
Course Description: History, development, and preservation of international parks, preserves, tourist and historical sites.

NRRT 321  Travel Abroad-Marine Ecotourism-Bahamas  
Course Description: Environmental and socio-cultural aspects of marine ecotourism in the Bahamas.

NRRT 330  Social Aspects of Natural Resource Management  
Course Description: Conceptual frameworks of human dimension research and its application to resource management decisions.

NRRT 340  Principles in Conservation Planning and Mgmt  
Course Description: Social, economic, legal, and ecological concepts that shape planning and management frameworks within conservation.

NRRT 350  Wilderness Leadership  
Course Description: Practical and philosophical aspects of wilderness usage including safety, group dynamics, and backcountry skills.

NRRT 351  Wilderness Instructors  
Course Description: Preparation to safely lead and instruct groups in outdoor wilderness programs; further refine skills including judgement and leadership.

NRRT 362  Environmental Conflict Management  
Course Description: Theoretical, critical and practical approaches to negotiation, mediation and conflict management strategies related to natural resources.

NRRT 372  Tourism Promotion  
Course Description: Planning, development, and implementation of marketing programs specifically applied to the recreation, travel, and tourism industries.

NRRT 376  Human Dimensions Research and Analysis  
Course Description: Application of human dimensions (recreation) research and analysis techniques to natural resource issues.

NRRT 384  Supervised College Teaching  
NRRT 400  Environmental Governance  
Course Description: Theory and practice of prevalent environmental governance approaches in diverse social and environmental contexts.

NRRT 401  Collaborative Conservation  
Course Description: Guiding principles and practices for effectively engaging stakeholders in conservation issues and management.

NRRT 431  Protected Areas, Working Lands, Livelihoods  
Course Description: Management practices of protected areas and working lands that work at the interface of ecological, human, and economic dimensions.

NRRT 440  Applications in Environmental Communication  
Course Description: Application of tools and techniques for communicating to audiences about issues related to conservation, environment and sustainability.

NRRT 442  Tourism Planning  
Course Description: Planning for regional tourism resources and programs.

NRRT 460  Event and Conference Planning  
Course Description: Foundation in planning, organizing, and producing special events and conferences. Functions and strategies necessary for effective event management.

NRRT 463  Non-Profit Administration in Conservation  
Course Description: Role of NGOs in protected-area management and conservation education; models for development, including grant writing, in conservation.

NRRT 470  Tourism Impacts  
Course Description: Social, cultural, physical, and economic impacts of tourism; techniques for assessing impacts.

NRRT 471  Starting and Managing Tourism Enterprise  
Course Description: Aspects of starting and managing a tourism enterprise.

NRRT 473  Ski Area Management  
Course Description: Ski area management; history and trends, ski area operations, human resource management, environmental issues, liability, resort planning and design.

NRRT 487  Internship  
NRRT 495A  Independent Study: Administration  
NRRT 495B  Independent Study:Management  
NRRT 495C  Independent Study:Interpretation   
NRRT 505  Environmental Education History and Theory  
Course Description: History and theories, planning and instruction; outcomes, historical events; ecological literacy; experiential learning models.

NRRT 506  Methods in Environmental Education Research  
Course Description: Research methods and designs; literature reviews, needs assessments and program evaluation of environmental education in informal settings.

NRRT 507  Environmental Education Planning  
Course Description: Informal learning theory; evaluation models focused on education in informal settings such as nature centers, zoos, etc.

NRRT 508  Current Issues in Environmental Education  
Course Description: Impact of current events, legislation, demographic changes, and other events on informal environmental education.

NRRT 509  Science Education in Informal Settings  
Course Description: Theory, application of teaching environmental science in informal settings--nature centers, zoos, etc. Inquiry, safety, group management, experience.

NRRT 520  Perspectives on Ski Area Management  
Course Description: Introduction to the history of skiing, the ski industry, and ski area management around the world.

NRRT 521  Sustainable Ski Area Management  
Course Description: Examines sustainability issues that relate specifically to ski resort development and management.

NRRT 522  Ski Area Operations and Human Resources  
Course Description: Examines ski area operations and services.

NRRT 523  Strategic Ski Area Marketing and Management  
Course Description: Examines strategic management and marketing concepts within a ski area context.

NRRT 524  Ski Area Finance and Investment  
Course Description: Examines finance and investment considerations relevant to ski area operations and management.

NRRT 525  Ski Area Planning and Development  
Course Description: Examines the various planning and design considerations for ski area development and expansion.

NRRT 550  Ecotourism  
Course Description: Concept of ecotourism, impacts associated with ecotourism, and role of education/interpretation in mitigating these impacts.

NRRT 565  Research-Human Dimensions Natural Resources  
Course Description: Theory, research, literature review, hypothesis development, scientific writing, proposal development.

NRRT 600  Tourism Industry Concepts and Practices  
Course Description: Primary conceptual issues on contemporary tourism important to comprehend the practice of tourism.

NRRT 601  Tourism Quantitative Analysis I  
Course Description: Statistical techniques used by researchers to inform and support tourism decision-making.

NRRT 602  Tourism Quantitative Analysis II  
Course Description: Explores the domestic and international sources of data and their applications for decision-making in tourism.

NRRT 605  Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Theory  
Course Description: Application of theories and conceptual approaches from social sciences to study of recreation behavior and natural resource issues.

NRRT 610  Natural Resource Management and Tourism  
Course Description: Connection between the management of tourism resources and the changing conditions of the natural world.

NRRT 615  Sustainable Tourism Development Foundation  
Course Description: Theory, practice, history, terminology, and issues surrounding sustainable tourism development.

NRRT 620  Organizational Management in Tourism  
Course Description: Concepts of organizational management in the context of tourism.

NRRT 625  Communication/Conflict Management in Tourism  
Course Description: Negotiation tools for effective organizational communication/conflict management in tourism.

NRRT 650  Financial Management in Tourism  
Course Description: Concepts in financial management applied to travel and tourism organizations.

NRRT 655  Tourism Marketing Concepts and Applications  
Course Description: Marketing processes as they apply to travel and tourism.

NRRT 660  Law and Legal Liability in Tourism  
Course Description: Concepts in legal liability and business law in the context of travel and tourism.

NRRT 662  Global Tourism Policy  
Course Description: Major global policies, trends, and challenges facing the travel and tourism industry.

NRRT 665  Survey Research and Analysis  
Course Description: Survey research, design, and analysis in human dimensions of natural resources.

NRRT 666  Qualitative Research
Course Description: Qualitative approaches to tourism research and techniques from a range of disciplinary backgrounds; methodological aspects.
NRRT 671  Strategic Management for Travel and Tourism  
Course Description: Factors, tools, and techniques for strategic management of a travel and tourism business or organization.

NRRT 679A  Current Topics in Nature Based Tourism  
Course Description: Current topics in nature-based travel and tourism.

NRRT 679B  Current Topics in Nature Based Tourism  
Course Description: Current topics in nature-based travel and tourism.

NRRT 695A  Independent Study: Administration  
NRRT 695B  Independent Study: Management  
NRRT 695C  Independent Study: Interpretation  
NRRT 698  Research  
NRRT 699  Thesis  
NRRT 765  Applied Multivariate Analysis  
Course Description: Application and interpretation of multivariate statistics to human dimensions in natural resources, recreation, and tourism.

NRRT 784  Supervised College Teaching  
NRRT 798  Research  
NRRT 799  Dissertation  


Partners With Professionals Internship Program

Organizations such as the National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, non-profit organizations, resorts, and local outfitters participate in the program. They give students the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals who agree to help them understand the various aspects of agency operations.

This highly respected program helps to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and host organizations. Students are provided with a means for integrating classroom theory with practical field applications.  Students are required to complete the 1 credit NR 387 Internship Preparation course before doing their internship and enrolling in NRRT 487 Internship.

Printable Internship Information And Forms


Internship resources

If you are a student or an employer and would like more information on the internship program, please contact Paul Layden, internship coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (970) 491-7393. 

If you are a student and would like to schedule an appointment with Paul to discuss the internship requirement or to do some strategizing to find an internship, please go to

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

The HDNR Department at CSU was the first to develop a study abroad program, and has sent over 1,200 of its students to study abroad over the past 35 years. There are a wide range of study abroad programs that are suited for HDNR majors throughout the world.

The Office of International Programs at Colorado State University offers many affordable exchange and study abroad programs specifically designed to address the interests of CSU students. In addition, there are many other study abroad programs, offered by study abroad organizations or other universities, in which CSU students can participate.

Study abroad advisers in the Office of International Programs can assist with finding study abroad programs that offer HDNR courses or field study.

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