Pathways To Success

aspen-trees-in-autumn-color-rocky-mountains-san-isabel-national-forestThe 2014 conference was a great success!

The theme of the 2014 conference was Integrating Human Dimensions into Fish and Wildlife Management.

The 2014 Presentations are now available!   The 2012 Presentations and 2010 Presentations are now online as well.


WAFWA Certification

WAFWA logoUpon successful completion of the Human Dimensions Training Program, participants are awarded HD certificationby the Human Dimensions Committee of WAFWA. Each of the following requirements must be met by participants in order to receive certification:

  • Attendance of all four weeks of on-site training
  • Completion of the entire regiment of coursework and assignments (including both on- and off-site work)
  • Development of a proposal for an HD project
Please note: Employees selected to participate in only the first week of on-site training are not eligible for HD certification.


Communicating About Climate Change

Communicating About Climate Change: A Governor’s Initiative Toward a Sustainable West
Sponsored by: Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University

FieldworkSummary of discussion resulting from this workshop.  pdf

Workshop Agenda  pdf

Today at Colorado State Article

Overall Purpose: To improve coordination of climate change communication and education efforts by public land management agencies in the Western U.S.