Alumni Spotlight: Lexi Evans

As varied as the curriculum is in the Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, so are the career options available to HDNR graduates once their time at CSU has finished. HDNR graduate, Lexi Evans has found herself working for a legislative firm in Maryland. The firm, Chesapeake Public Strategies strives to incorporate the public into legislative actions. Evan’s job specifically as a Grassroots Coordinator, involves her meeting with diverse publics and gathering stakeholder opinions relative to current or proposed legislation. She finds her past education and experiences to be very helpful for her success in her job.
Transition into the Real World
Evans had a family here at CSU, which for her was the Warner College of Natural Resources College Council. “College council was awesome because, I know that Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30, I was going to be with my friends and we were going to do meaningful things for the college. I will always treasure those memories and those people.”  Evans reflected on the skills she learned from being on College Council and how those skills are benefiting her now in her job. “You reach out to other people in the college and you try to bring them in and provide them opportunities to become more involved in the college. I do that now, just it’s not the natural resource college anymore it’s the local government.” Her new position requires the strong communication skills that she learned from being so involved in ASCSU and College Council. She attributes all of the confidence that was needed for her new job to the relationships and interactions she had within College Council and HDNR. Her experience here impacted her in many ways and prepared her for the long road ahead.
Natural Resources in Legislative Work
When most students are considering a major in HDNR, they don’t often anticipate a job in the legislative world. Evans took an alternative route to finding her career but still utilizes the knowledge learned through HDNR. Evan’s position is self-described as “interpreting science” for the public. With her education in Natural Resource Policy and Communication, she gets a head start in being able to understand legislation involving the environment. She knew she wanted to be involved with environmental science, which was her main motive for coming to CSU. A lot of the classes she took here gave her the background that she needed to effectively communicate environmental issues.
Back to Maryland
After graduating from CSU, Evans found herself with her new job through a series of networks. She was recommended for a position within Chesapeake Public Strategies, and her ability to connect with people and see the “human side of things” made her a great candidate for the job. Evans was someone who could go out and persuade the public to come to council hearings, write letters to the council and even testify.  “When you boil it all down, it’s just about talking to people the right way.”

HDNR Alumni, Malcom Daly Speaks at Commencement

Malcom Daly, founder Paradox Sports and  Human Dimensions of Natural Resources (HDNR) alumni was the graduation commencement speakerfor the Warner College of Natural Resourcesthis past December. Daly is an avid outdoor enthusiast which prompted him to start his first business, Trango. His experience here at Colorado State University (CSU), the influence of his father and living in Fort Collins, CO, shaped and transformed his future.

During a climbing expedition in Alaska on an unclimbed route, Daly and his climbing partner, Jim Donini, were getting close to the summit when a mishap led to Daly falling several hundred feet. Because of the difficult spot Daly was in, Donini had to leave him to go find help. Daly was there for 48 hours until he was taken off the mountain. Following the accident Donini spokeof Daly’s optimism, good nature and strength and how it impacted the people around him. This climb transformed Daly both physically and psychologically, causing him to reevaluate his career and passions, or as he calls it “going from Malcom 1.0 to Malcom 2.0.” 
With a new paradigm for life, Daly recognized he could no longer run Trango the same way he had done before and eventually left to commit fully to Paradox Sports. “If you lose your passion for your job in whatever agency or company you’re working for, try to have a transformative experience, you don’t have to cut off a leg or anything but you know, its time to hit the reset button.” With Paradox Sports he is able to connect people with their love of the outdoors through adaptive climbing, cycling, running, fishing, etc. His contributions to the outdoor recreation industry are extensive and significant and reflect the experiences and passions he had at CSU.

Alumni Spotlight: August Ritter, Class of 2008 & 2012

AUGUST RITTER, (B.S. ’08, M.S. ’12)

August Ritter (B.S. ’08, M.S. ’12) began forming a global perspective before he could walk or talk. He spent the first years of his life absorbing the sights and sounds of Africa while his parents were missionaries running a nutrition center in Zambia.

The family returned home to Denver in 1990, where Ritter grew up exploring Colorado’s many natural wonders. Ritter credits his mom for sparking his lifelong love affair with the outdoors.

When it was time to choose a college, he looked at in-state options to stay close to his three younger siblings. His dad had earned an undergraduate degree at CSU before going to law school at CU Boulder, so Ritter decided to check out his father’s two alma maters.

The Buffs were not friendly and the Rams were very welcoming,” Ritter says matter-of-factly. Both were good schools, but the down-to-earth Ram community made Ritter’s final decision easy.” Read More… (link to magazine page)